5 Trends to Illuminate Your Big Day With Wedding Lighting

May 14, 2019
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When it comes to your big day, the details are important. Sometimes the smallest touches can bring about a grand impact. While flowers, centerpieces, cocktails and food, and of course the dress get all the attention, nothing sets the tone and mood of your event like lighting. From adding a romantic evening glow to the reception to making sure the dance floor is energized, lighting can transform your wedding space into the event of your dreams.

Whatever your style, lighting just might be one of the most important details for your big day. Here are five ideas to help you find inspiration to get the wedding of your dreams.

1. Candles

Is there anything more romantic than candlelight? We don’t think so. Candles add a soft, ethereal glow to any event. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile! Candles work for almost any wedding theme and can be used in a variety of ways. A cluster of candles make every tabletop centerpiece glitter. Float them in water for a centerpiece that shines. Or hang them in lanterns from tree branches or from the floral arrangements to dot the evening in delicate light.

2. Light Up Trees and Columns

Looking for an effective and easy way to really light up your big day (and night)? Imagine the romantic glow of lights wrapped around the trees or columns of your venue, surrounding you and your guests in a warm, inviting glow. Your guest will be ready to celebrate your special day long into the night. Lighting up the columns or trees of your venue is a surefire way to add some magic to your special day to magic.

3. Canopies of Light

Wrap your indoor (or outdoor) venue in a ceiling of delicate light. Outdoor canopies provide a lovely coziness while still ensuring your guests can enjoy the night sky and feel of an open-air wedding. For indoor weddings and receptions, bring the stars in to your guests with a twinkling roof of light. Add an oversized floral display as your focal point, and your guests won’t help but be wowed.

4. Color-Washed Walls

Awash the walls of your venue in your wedding colors with color-washed walls. Lighting can change depending on the itinerary (wedding colors for announcing the couple and changing lights for the dancing, anyone?), or stay one romantic shade throughout the evening.

5. Don’t Forget the Cake!

The high point of any ceremony is the cake cutting! When guests enter the reception area, showcase your cake like the work of art that it is with the right lighting. Have the lights fade from your cake for key moments (like when you enter for all eyes on you), then bring back the lighting when it’s time for the cutting.

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