Bring Color and Charm to Your Home’s Curb Appeal

August 20, 2021

Have you ever wondered why curb appeal is so important? Enhancing the curb appeal of your home gives a welcoming impression to friends and family, plus the aesthetic look of your exterior can add value to your home. Creating interest in your home doesn’t have to be a big project! Here are a variety of ways to get started.

Give Your Yard Some TLC

A simple way to create an appealing look is by cleaning your yard and trimming bushes. Grooming your outdoor areas takes care of overgrowth, debris, and gives you an opportunity to inspect your property. Incredible growth and vegetation occurs during the warmer seasons, and you’d be surprised of how great your property will look after a good yard mowing and a little TLC.

Add Versatile Décor to Your Front Porch

Decorate your front porch to create a relaxing and inviting feel. A few ideas include adding comfortable seating, accent tables, potted plants, an area rug, functional accessories, and a wreath on your front door. Adding a few extra touches to your front porch can transform and personalize your space.

Brighten Your Space with Flowers

Flowers bring color, texture, and visual interest to any space. Visit your local nursery for pre-planted planters or plant your favorite variety in your own garden bed. Planters can be placed on your porch, along walkways, and hung overhead from your awning. Incorporating fresh elements around your entrance creates a beautiful atmosphere.

Curb Appeal Landscape Lighting

As you might suspect, the Mobile Illumination team believes this approach is the best way to boost curb appeal! Our design experts know how to accentuate your property’s architectural details, giving it life and dimension when the sun goes down. We’ve all seen that home whose nighttime presence is striking and awe inspiring, moving us to invest the same care and effort into our own space.

One way to use lighting to draw attention to your home and boost its nighttime curb appeal is lighting the front entry to create a warm and welcoming entrance. This includes illuminating your address numbers to provide visibility for guests and emergency situations.

If your home has stone, wood, or brick details, installing up-lights will create a shadowing effect to highlight these areas. Many yards have attractive natural features like evergreen hedges, trees, and other interesting vegetation. With the right light fixtures and angles, uplighting can create depth and drama in your front yard.

There’s nothing more appealing than a soft glow of light along a pathway or warmly lit stairs leading to an entrance. To create a radiant evening scene, illuminate your stairs and pathways. It’s important to choose lighting that fits the architectural style of your house and to keep the brightness at a minimum to avoid glares and unattractive effects.

If your home has access to full-sun six or more hours a day, consider the addition of solar lights in your outdoor landscape. Solar lights are weather-resistant, energy-saving, and cost-efficient. They are a great way to add subtle luminosity in gardens, lining pathways, and in other visible spaces. It’s important to note that solar landscape lights are not as bright as electric fixtures and are used mostly to provide ambient lighting.

Landscape lighting can significantly increase your home’s nighttime curb appeal making your home look even more magnificent during the evening hours. Click here and browse our gallery of photos for inspiration.

Mobile Illumination brings strategy, design, and experience to each project. If you have any questions about landscape lighting to increase nighttime curb appeal or would like to explore your outdoor lighting options, contact Mobile Illumination today!

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