Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our services or process you can always contact us and we will answer any inquiries you have. Also for your convenience we have a faq list below where you may find your question already answered.

Each property requires a custom design and no two are the same, from a structure rsquo;s roofline, to the age, height, width and type of every tree on the lot. Every lighting installation is completely unique; even from one year to the next the requirements can change if trees have grown. Our professional, highly-qualified sales staff will come to your property to thoroughly asses your needs and create an estimate specific to your property.
Mobile Illumination, Inc. has been designing and installing Christmas lighting for ten years. We have an impeccable record with the Better Business Bureau and we have never done business under any other name. We boast an excellent record of customer satisfaction with over 90% of our customers returning. Those that have not returned have moved or were travelling for the holiday season. Further, Mobile Illumination, Inc. is fully insured to provide our customers peace of mind that they are protected against any potential damage or liability.
Mobile Illumination, Inc. does not sub-contract to any other company. All workers are under the supervision of a team chief, trained by highly experienced Mobile Illumination, Inc. engineers. All installations are carefully pre-planned by company engineers to ensure a smooth process with the end result being a beautiful display of which you will be proud.
Mobile Illumination provides all decorations, lights, extension cords and materials needed. This ensures all decorations and lighting are in top condition, approved for outdoor use and prepared properly for the season.
The lights can usually be installed according to your preference. However, we do tend to book up early in the season and as the season continues, our scheduling flexibility diminishes. We highly recommend having your lights installed early. We will do everything possible to accommodate your preferred installation date.

“Thank you for the excellent lights we had this year and for the lovely gifts we received! The work is excellent and we loved everything. Thanks again!”

Paula K. - Beverly Hills, CA
Yes, we do! Most Hanukkah lighting designs include white lights and our vibrant blue lights. We also install customer owned Menorahs or can provide Menorahs for purchase. We do not rent or lease Menorahs at this time.
Starting January 2nd, our office will contact you to arrange a day and time to remove your lighting and décor. Generally you can expect your lights to be removed within the first two to three weeks of January. If you want your lights off earlier, you can simply unplug the digital timers or call the office to have one of our technicians do it for you.
The most common reason lights do not turn on is because a GFI (Ground Fault Interceptor) outlet has turned off as a safety feature, which is associated with your existing electrical wiring. Resetting a GFI outlet is easy: locate the outlet that is not working, make sure that all the electrical cords and lighting are dry, and simply push the reset button back in. If it does not reset, the outlet may still be sensing moisture, or the outlet has gone bad and needs to be replaced. Be sure to check your GFI outlets before contacting us because resetting a GFI button is not included as part of Mobile Illumination, Inc. free maintenance service.
If your lights are not synchronized, it is possible that either the lights are plugged into a switched outlet or one of the timers could be malfunctioning. If this should happen, please contact us and we will troubleshoot the issue for you.
All of our crews are experienced. Mobile Illumination has extremely low turnover and year after year our crews gain more and more experience. Additionally, our staff members are designated to crews in order to ensure that each and every crew has highly-experienced members. Finally, all crew chiefs have multiple years of experience working for Mobile Illumination, Inc. and its stringent standards.

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