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August 6, 2021

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your current space, there are many reasons to consider hiring the best outdoor lighting company for your property. Your home is an investment and for many homeowners, their homes are the center of their family life. Installing the right lightscape design will highlight your property’s features and provide safety and security after dark when enjoying your outdoor living space.

You take pride in your home, so it’s important to choose professionals that take pride in their services. Some home contractors offer lighting with their services, but they aren’t experts. Your outdoor lighting company should have industry knowledge and be able to answer all your lighting questions.

Here are some considerations when choosing a professional landscape lighting company.

What Is Their Mission?

One lighting system does not fit all properties. When it comes to outdoor lighting, it’s all about design! The design should highlight the textures, uniqueness, and features of your home. Do you have dark areas? Do you want to spend more time on your patio? Do you want to entertain? Do you need more security lighting? The lighting design should focus on your goals and aesthetic preferences. Our mission at Mobile Illumination is to provide quality, warm, and beautiful lighting design solutions to residential and commercial properties. Our lighting installation experts carefully design each project, source quality lights and decorations, and professionally install to optimize each space’s value and aesthetic appeal.

What Is Their Design Experience?

You would not believe how important it is to hire a company that is expert at both lighting installation and lighting design. Some contractors only have experience with lighting installation and do not have experience with artistic arrangement and application. When lights are installed without a proper design, you simply don’t get the desired results. You need visionaries on your team that will plan and design a custom lightscape that increases evening visibility, while creating ambiance for your gatherings or relaxing leisure time.

When choosing your outdoor lighting company, ask for references and photos of their completed designs. Mobile Illumination has been bringing warm and wonderful lighting and décor services to residential and commercial customers throughout Southern California since 2001. Every Mobile Illumination installation is extensively pre-planned by expert company designers and engineers to ensure a smooth process and beautiful, illuminated result. You can click here to view our gallery of lighting designs.

What Fixtures and Options Do They Offer?

Outdoor lighting is an investment. When discussing your design, you should have ample choices, plus the equipment and accessories should be commercial quality. The lighting fixtures should be durable and appropriate for the place of installation. The company you choose should be familiar with the latest lighting technologies, like smart automation for your outdoor system. If you desire convenience, you’ll want to consider new lighting trends that allow you to turn on security lighting at the press of a button, control pathway lighting for easy nighttime entry, and create ambiance for different occasions. Maybe you want to remotely control your outdoor fountain, switch colors, or dim the brightness. Choose a company that understands technology and compatibility.

Are Their Designs Energy Efficient?

An ideal landscape lighting design will be low voltage and feature LED bulbs. This design saves you money and is environmentally friendly. A low-voltage 12-volt system is cost effective, but also a safer option for homeowners because there’s little risk of electrical shock. Paired with LED bulbs, which only use around 15-20 percent of electricity used by halogen or incandescent bulbs, 12V lighting delivers more light, more efficiently. Energy efficiency is an integral part of design that is discussed with any potential outdoor lighting company.

Will They Maintain My Lighting System?

This is an important question. Even after installing an efficient lighting system with premium fixtures, it is common to need general upkeep, repositioning, or repairs. A company that is committed to exceptional service should offer a service contract that includes maintenance. Ultimately, the goal is to enjoy your outdoor lighting for many years to come!

Can My Design Be Added to Later?

You never know what the future brings. You may love your landscape lighting design, but inevitably there will be changes. Your landscape might change, you might renovate, you might install a pool or fountain, or maybe you simply want to add more to your design. Be open with your design team about your outdoor lighting goals. An experienced team will listen and implement your needs into the initial lighting design.

Will They Hire a Third Party?

Investing in landscape lighting for your home is an exciting endeavor. A collaboration develops as you discuss your aspirations and goals with your experienced designer. The last thing you want is to have your design handed over to another contractor or third party that is not fully aware of your expectations and personal style. Mobile Illumination does not sub-contract to any other company. All workers are under the supervision of a team chief, trained by highly experienced Mobile Illumination engineers. All installations are carefully pre-planned by company engineers to ensure a smooth process with the end result being a beautiful display of which you will be proud.

Click here to read our responses to frequently asked questions regarding our services. Mobile Illumination has years of landscape lighting experience and we understand how to light your space for beauty, security, and safety. Call us today!!

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