Illuminate your Garden After Dark

April 18, 2021

Illuminate your garden, courtyard and surrounding outdoor areas to extend your living space after dark. Spring has sprung, and this is the time of year when all your hard work blooms and blossoms. Draw attention to your striking plant life, foliage, fountains, and other features of your garden in a way that only outdoor lighting can portray.

Here we share our best tips to help you illuminate your garden shine after dusk.

Define Parameters

Create landscape borders with purposeful lighting. Defining your outdoor parameters allows you to navigate naturally after dark. Walking areas are marked, boundaries are created, while shrubbery and garden beds are made visible. Your green space will become eye catching when the sun sets, and your parameter lighting will visually tie together your outdoor surroundings. The key here is to provide just enough definition while keeping the illumination subtle. With the right lighting design you can illuminate your garden or courtyard to make it visually engaging and inviting.

Intricate Walkway and Pathway Lights

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you… I could walk through my garden forever” ― Alfred Tennyson. No matter where your inspiration comes from, your garden is a special place. Utilizing this charming space after dusk means creating luminous pathways. We recommend light placement that is interspersed with considerable distance between them, creating a soft, lustrous effect. Casting light onto the pathway discreetly, naturally draws your attention down the path.

Highlight with Spotlights

Highlight your favorite outdoor features using spotlights. This lighting technique works great for shrubs, trees, plants, and your natural and constructed areas. Many garden elements transform at night when using specific lighting techniques. The proper lighting design can enhance plant and flower colors, cast dramatic shadows, and create depth. Using spotlights to up light your trees will create vivid shadows, further accentuating your landscape.

Illuminate Your Garden with Wall-Mounted Lighting

Install wall-mounted garden lights into your outdoor space. This technique is excellent for emphasizing your plants, statues, pots, and other décor. The strategy here is to mount the lights alongside a wall, as they shine down on your featured objects. Wall-mounted lighting in your garden or courtyard creates a welcoming atmosphere and enhances your garden’s architecture while providing illumination for safety and security.

Bring Attention to Your Water Features

Garden water features bring beauty and tranquility to your environment. Ponds, waterfalls, and fountains transform at night with natural or colored lights. Natural ponds can benefit from soft lights that highlight its shape or existing water plants. For pond waterfalls, place path lights at the top, and align waterfall lights in a pattern along the descent of water from behind. To make your fountain the focal point after dark, use submersible spotlights. White spotlights will brightly illuminate flowing water and elegantly enhance your garden, while colored lights can be custom design for a variety of lighting sequences.

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