Nothing Says Summer in California Like Dining Al Fresco

May 28, 2019
Year - Round

Southern California’s Mediterranean climate makes it ideal for summer evenings al fresco. If you have a cafe or restaurant, turning your patio space into an outdoor dining destination is sure to spur foot traffic and profits!

Here are some tips for making the most of your outdoor dining space to entice customers!

Create a Seasonal Menu

On hot summer days (and nights!), your customers will be hoping for lighter fare and fun summery drinks to go with it. Check with local farmers markets and suppliers to utilize some of the amazing local produce California produces. Customers will appreciate the fresh, eco-friendly vibe and you’ll enjoy the extra patrons.

Strawberries, bell peppers, chiles, avocados, and grapes are just some of the vegetables and fruits that are in season in the summer. The choices are nearly endless. Create a fresh cocktail and summer al fresco menu around any one of these California staples to draw in the crowds.

Add Lighting that Invites You In

Your outdoor space serves as an advertisement to passersby. It’s important to pay attention to your outdoor space as much as you do your indoor dining space.

Play off architecture, highlight greenery, illuminate signage, and add a warm, inviting atmosphere for couples, families, friends, and even pets to enjoy. Bistro lighting and string lights draped across trellises, fire pits to keep you warm on chilly evenings, and romantic candles on top of tables all can add the right vibe for a lovely summer evening.

Be sure to also include pathway lighting near sidewalks and ramps for safety!

Lighting is key to restaurant and cafe design, both indoor and out. From different styles of lighting, the latest technology, highlighting certain key features, or adjusting the atmosphere between lunch and dinner services, there’s a lot to take into account. Luckily, Mobile Illuminations has experts ready to help you design the perfect setting for your clientele. Contact us today to see how we can help!

Advertise Your Newly Lit Space

While your outdoor space is perfect for advertising to people walking by, be sure to also use your lovely lit outdoor space in traditional advertising too!

Clientele will be searching for a new spot to enjoy and having a warm, inviting outdoor space with the right lighting and a fresh, seasonal menu will be sure to draw the crowds.

Contact Mobile Illumination for special cafe and restaurant lighting design concepts and free installation estimates today!

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