Free Landscape Lighting Night Demos

Night demonstrations allow you to experience the power of professional landscape lighting. Without landscape lighting night demos, visualizing your unique home with landscape lighting is difficult. Before you invest in our services, we’ll bring creative lighting ideas to life, working within your particular goals, budget, and space. You’ll be able to see the radiant effects of landscape lighting that are particular to your own property. Our week-long demos will eliminate uncertainty and will allow you to confidently move forward with your outdoor lighting project.

Let Us Show You How Outdoor Lighting Can Transform Your Property

Professional outdoor lighting offers many benefits to business owners, homeowners, and municipalities. Elegant, well-designed outdoor lighting not only provides unparalleled beauty, but also adds value and safety to your space. Before you commit to a final design, we perform full-scale outdoor lighting night demos that let you install with peace of mind. You’ll see exactly how outdoor lights can highlight architectural features and foliage, as well as being able to provide feedback and suggestions right away. We’ll adjust fixtures, placement, and brightness to perfect your vision so when you move forward, every detail is precisely as you wish.

Outdoor Lighting Before & After

Experience the power of professional outdoor lighting. The right design can elevate the distinctive appeal of your property, bring warmth and radiance to your outdoor spaces, and inspire your guests or customers to enjoy, linger, and return often. Our extended demos don’t just let you see the difference—they give you ample time to decide on your design details to ensure that your investment in your property fulfills your vision and goals.

Why Do a Landscape Lighting Night Demos?

Your Property Is Unique

You’ll experience how landscape lighting fixtures, placement, and brightness interact with your individual property. We’ll accentuate the architecture and foliage of your choosing, just the way you like.

See the Full Effect with No Commitment

You’ll see how professional lighting ideas translate to real life, whether in a backyard, courtyard, or town square. From all angles of your property, you’ll witness exactly what our lights can accomplish.

It’s a Quick and Easy Process

Our night demos are quick, easy, and effective. You’ll enjoy the lights for a full week, allowing you to see the profound difference landscape lighting can make to your property.

Landscape Lighting Night Demos Process

Our easy, worry-free process guarantees your night demonstration runs smoothly and efficiently. Our lighting professionals will assist you at every step to make sure you are fully satisfied with your outdoor lighting.

Full Scale Demo

Our professional technicians set up your demo system, so you can experience professional outdoor lighting within your unique property and space.

Enjoy the Lights

Enjoy your outdoor lighting demo for a full week. You’ll see the natural beauty of your property come to life night after night.

Complete the Demo

At the end of the week, our technicians will return to your property to remove the demo system. We’ll get your feedback and discuss next steps.