Outdoor Lighting Inspirations – Transform Your Space in 2022

February 21, 2022

With the new year underway and spring just around the corner, you may be thinking of upgrading your outdoor space. What better way to do this than to revitalize your home’s landscape lighting! Read on to find the latest outdoor lighting inspirations for 2022 and transform your outdoor space!


Minimalism and simplicity are timeless. This design approach uses the simplest and fewest elements to create a maximum effect. A minimalist landscape lighting scheme will draw the eye to your landscape’s most stunning features while also highlighting open spaces. A sleek, natural outdoor lighting design can have a soothing effect, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Some lighting techniques that can be used in your minimalist design include downlighting, silhouetting, grazing and backlighting. Although the minimalist approach seems simple and straightforward, If this design is not implemented flawlessly, the property can appear unnatural or unfinished with too many dark spaces after dark. 

Bold and Dramatic Outdoor Lighting Inspirations

Some homeowners want to make a statement! If this is your preference, then you will appreciate a bold landscape lighting design. There are a variety of techniques to achieve this theme. Add landscape bollard lighting to create depth and interest using shadows. Decorative bollard lights provide illumination low to the ground, while casting artistic shadows all around. Bollards come in a variety of designs, adding function and a sculptural element to your outdoor design. Employ spotlights and floodlights as part of your bold design. Spotlights work great for highlighting objects, architectural details, and landscape features. While flood lights illuminate large areas that need wide, even coverage. Directional lights can provide many possibilities within one fixture. You can draw the eye exactly where you want it to create dramatic effects with illumination.

Accent and Highlight

Typically, accent lighting is intended to highlight a specific object or area. When placed in the right areas, accent lights provide an attractive environment that you can enjoy all year long. Homeowners use wide beams to highlight key architectural features, like walls and facades. Spotlights can be used to draw attention to artwork, statues, and other interesting focal points. Spotlights are also ideal for showcasing specimen trees and plants. Common types of accent lights include wall sconces, track lighting, recessed lights, or flood lighting. Accent lights are not restricted to just one kind of fixture. You can choose from a variety of accent lights to fit within your home’s aesthetics.

Natural Effects

Sometimes the intricate, subtle features of a beautiful landscape go dark or get lost at night. If you have special natural areas in your landscape like gardens, greenery, flower beds, and footpaths, you’ll want to make them shine at night. There are many ways to highlight these features. Up lighting creates dimension and emphasizes textures. Up lighting works well with trees, foliage and other prominent garden features. Downlighting (the inverse of up lighting) illuminates from above. This technique is a favorite and is very effective at creating natural results, especially when imitating the natural luminosity of moonlight. Another way to instantly create radiance and coziness is by using string lights in your design. String lights, or fairy lights, can be strung along fences, above decks, in gazebos, or in pergolas. The gentle twinkling inspires a charming and intimate setting. Our tip is to invest in one consistent style and purchase extra sets. Avoid mixing up different types of string lights, otherwise the lights may clash and look tacky instead of warm and inviting.

Modern and Contemporary Outdoor Lighting Inspirations

Modern landscape lighting designs are both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Mostly, this is achieved with the style of fixtures you choose, but the placement of light also plays a role in creating a relaxing, contemporary atmosphere. Keep your design sleek and symmetrical. The human eye is naturally attracted to clean lines and visual symmetry. Focus on design elements that visually align with the features of your home. Wall fixtures that provide both up lighting and downlighting are an excellent choice for narrow windows and linear features. Try integrating pathway lights with geometric patterns and shapes. Geometric shapes allow light to flow from multiple angles to brighten the area. Fixtures with futuristic designs work great to enhance the modern garden or posh patio.  Futuristic designs can add an attractive, crisp (defined) contrast against organic greenery and vegetation.

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Lighting

In recent years, homeowners have been finding new ways to make their property more sustainable. Green and eco-friendly designs are becoming more abundant, and these lighting solutions will be prominent in 2022 and beyond. Choose LED bulbs for a cleaner impact on the environment. LED bulbs last longer and require far less energy than traditional bulbs while producing the same level of brightness. LED bulbs are budget friendly too. Once you install your green lighting design, you’ll want to keep the trend going with motion sensor lights that turn on only when necessary. Additionally, solar landscape lighting is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to enhance your property. These lights harness natural energy and offer many lighting options for your outdoor space. Advantages of solar lighting include nominal running cost, limited maintenance, and minimal environmental impact. 

The purpose of landscape lighting is to invoke visual balance and safety, while creating your ideal atmosphere. Outdoor lighting inspirations can serve homeowners in a variety of ways and reflect the personality of the property. Not sure where to start? Get some outdoor lighting inspirations and ideas for your outdoor space from our design experts at Mobile Illumination. Click here for more information.

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