Outdoor Security Lights For Your Home

March 21, 2021

Outdoor security lights are a good investment and the perfect way to add value and safety to your home! Most homeowners would agree that owning a home is a worthwhile investment and a component of happiness. Along with the architectural elements and functionality of a beautiful home,  Probably more than ever, we are spending an increased amount of time at home due to COVID-19 restrictions.

While spending time at home creates memorable experiences, it can also come with unsuspecting hazards. Fortunately, accidental and unintentional injuries around the home can be avoided with the addition of outdoor security lighting.

Landscape security lighting is a multi-purpose purchase that provides homeowners with a better view of their outdoor area, increased home protection, and peace of mind

The Top 4 Reasons to Install Outdoor Security Lights Around Your Home and Our Recommendations of Where to Place Them

Personal Safety and Accident Prevention

Having a well-lit exterior ensures that people entering and exiting your home will have a clear view of their surroundings. Your family and guests will feel more comfortable walking around after dark, especially those with visual challenges. Poorly lit areas outside the home increase the potential of minor and serious accidents. Tripping over unseen objects, uneven terrain, and steps, are much less likely to occur in the presence of outdoor lighting.

Home Security and Protection

While a combination of security measures is ideal for protecting your home and valuables, the addition of security lights is an effective choice to deter unwanted intruders. According to this article on www.safety.com, security lights create the illusion of residency even when you’re away from home. If your home looks dark and unoccupied, especially compared to a neighbor’s bright and illuminated home, then it can be an easy target for a burglar. For would-be intruders, exterior lighting increases the risk of being caught by minimizing hiding spots and concealment. Residents that use outdoor lighting as part of their security design significantly decrease their changes of being burglarized.

Purpose and Functionality of Outdoor Security Lights

Security lighting extends your living space, adding an instant enhancement to your outdoor entertaining. Exterior lighting accents your surroundings and encourages more time together, well after the sun goes down. A well-lit exterior invites guests to access and enjoy all the areas of your home that you love the most. It can be exciting to witness your outdoor areas transform at night with skillful light placement.

Increase Property Value

When you install outdoor security lighting, you are making an investment in the overall worth of your home. The addition of security lighting adds curb appeal and is known to be a prime feature that prospective buyers look for. Another benefit of adding security lighting is the savings! You may be eligible for a reduction in your home’s insurance rates with the addition of home security lighting. Taking steps to decrease the likelihood of theft and break-ins could earn you policy discounts from your insurance company.

The 3 Most Common Areas to Install Outdoor Security Lights for Maximum Results

Outdoor Security Lights Reduce Blind Spots

Dark areas, unlit corners, and spacious courtyards or gardens can be easy spots for thieves to conceal themselves. Placing security lights around the front and back of your home helps to illuminate any unlit and shadowy areas. Floodlights are ideal for widespread lighting of your front and back yards, especially when combined with motion sensor lights, that automatically turn on when movement is detected.

Brighten Entrances and Pathways

Placing security lights near entrances can help you avoid falls and accidents and is helpful to keep intruders from approaching these bright areas. A home’s entry points should be illuminated so that all visitors can be visible. Another advantage of outdoor security lights is visibility of railings, door handles, and keyholes. Sensor lighting can highlight your pathway and steps while also making it easier to see the lock and doorknob

Garage and Storage Sheds

Most burglaries happen when you are away from home. Garage and storage sheds are attractive targets for thieves because expensive belongings, such as bikes, tools and lawnmowers, are stored here. Placing security lights round your garage and sheds deter intruders and minimize theft. Security lighting equipped with motion detectors is effective in these areas for both safety and protection.

Now that you know the benefits of home security lighting, contact Mobile Illumination to discuss designs and options with our lighting experts. We provide easy installation and look forward to helping you achieve your perfectly lit outdoor space.

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