Personalized Holiday Lighting to Celebrate May

April 28, 2021

In the merry month of May, you don’t need to search long for a reason to celebrate and personalized holiday lighting can take your celebration to a whole other level. May boasts 118 holidays! Cinco De Mayo, Beer Pong Day, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, National Pie Day, National Armed Forces Day, World Whiskey Day, and National Pizza Party Day are only a few of the month’s celebrated days. While they may not all fit your style, you are sure to find a reason to invite your friends and family over to join the festivities. Personalized Holiday Lighting will set the right mood for the occasion. The impact of lighting plays an important role whether you are entertaining a small gathering or hosting a big outdoor event. The takeaway is to personalize your space to create a memorable experience.

Consider these personalized holiday lighting ideas to add a personal touch to your next celebration.


Implement uplighting into your scene by strategically placing lighting fixtures on the ground and pointing them up and alongside a surface. Use uplighting to highlight specific features and spruce up your areas by experimenting with various colors. Uplighting is a fantastic way to control the ambience of your space.

Outdoor Dining Lights

Warm Spring evenings and a cozy outdoor space are the perfect reasons to fire up the grill and enjoy the moment. Patio and deck lighting can do wonders for your outdoor dining by providing specific lighting for your cooking and sufficient lighting for your guests. Factors such as distance, type of cooking area, and other dimensions should all be considered to ensure a safe and clean outdoor dining experience. Remember, if you’ve recently updated your deck or patio area, be sure that your current outdoor light design is updated too!

Globe String Lights

Globe lights are large, round light bulbs that are accompanied by a variety of decorative fittings. Globe lights are versatile and are especially ideal for illuminating larger outdoor areas like tents and canopies, patios, decks, pergolas, and gazebos. Modern and flexible, globe lights are a creative and practical choice for decorating a range of different occasions.

Tree Wrapped Lights

The unique and natural shape of a tree offers the perfect framework to create a mesmerizing and charming visual effect. Tree wrapped lights can be positioned vertically to draw the eye upward to the night sky or wrapped horizontally to emphasize the organic silhouette nature has created. A little tidbit of advice – go big! A tree with a partially wrapped trunk simply does not look complete. Check out the circumference of your trees and budget for your lights accordingly to add that “wow” factor.

Outdoor Chandelier

Bring the playful elegance of a chandelier outside. This focal point can be at the center of your layered lighting scheme. There are many attractive, durable options when choosing an outdoor chandelier. The delicate exposed bulbs are protected by glass shades making them safe to use in covered outdoor areas like porches and patios.

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Looking to add some fun to your calendar?

Check out these noteworthy May Holidays:

May 1 No Pants Day
May 2 World Laughter Day
May 5 Teacher’s Day
May 6 Nurse’s Day
May 6 International No Diet Day
May 8 Have a Coke Day
May 15 Pizza Party Day
May 21 Talk Like Yoda Day
May 26 Paper Airplane Day
May 31 Smile Day

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