String Lighting – Outdoor Living All Year Round

March 20, 2022

Precious moments in your day-to-day living include evenings with friends and family, cozy conversations, and reveling in the natural beauty of your outdoor space. Your home is unique and one of the best ways to highlight your outdoor space is with string lighting. String lights accentuate the beauty of any atmosphere. Keep reading to discover the many qualities of adding string lights to your lighting design.

Artistic Ambiance with Outdoor String Lighting

Sometimes referred to as accent lights or ambient lights, outdoor string lights are often used as visual  art as well as functional lighting. The popularity of mixing string lights with art is prevalent among homeowners and shop owners. String lights can be added to decorative features like wreaths, plants, clear vases and jars, DIY chandeliers, outdoor dining centerpieces, and more! String lights create a joyous atmosphere for any evening at home or special occasion.

Unlimited Design Options

You’ll love the versatility of string lighting! They are a fantastic option to consider when designing and planning your lighting project. The two most common types of string lighting are overhead and tree wraps, which include fireflybistroclip, and mini lights. Your aspiration and creativity paired with these lights, provide endless lighting possibilities. Some wonderful places to add function and beauty with string lights are pool areas, across a gazebo or pergola, along deck rails, on fences, under patio umbrellas, above outdoor kitchens, and even on the ground along walking paths.

Watch this video to see a stunning string lighting design by Mobile Illumination. The right design will illuminate your outdoor space adding a touch of elegance and ambience, while providing soft functional lighting. 

Year-round Enjoyment

Adding string lighting to your outdoor landscape design is the perfect way to provide year-round enjoyment with each changing season. You can create overhead lighting with bistro string lights, liven up your property by wrapping trees with mini lights, or accentuate boundaries by highlighting posts and fences with firefly lights. There are a variety of options that can fit any home and location so you can create the outdoor scene of your dreams.

Common Questions

What’s the difference between Mobile Illumination’s lights vs store bought lights?

The difference is commercial grade and standard grade. That difference is specifically in the wire and the sockets. The commercial grade light strands we use are made from heavy duty wire and feature weather-proof sockets. In addition to looking more professional, commercial grade string lights are built for permanent installations and intended to be left up year-round. Standard grade string lights found in retail stores do not last as long, especially in inclement weather. 

Can I add a dimmer?

Yes, but there are certain things that must be considered before adding a dimmer switch to your string lighting system. For example, the dimmer switch must be able to handle the wattage your system puts out. Our experienced designers and installers can guide you and consult on whether a dimmer switch is possible based on wattage issues and rating of the light strands.

Can string lights be LED?

Absolutely! Even though the bulb’s appearance might seem like a classic electric bulb, they are actually LED bulbs. Your look can be contemporary, retro, or rustic, and have all the benefits of modern LED technology. 

Do you service commercial properties?

We install string lighting for all types of properties including businesses and commercial properties such as restaurants, markets, malls, bistros, and municipal areas like main streets, city walks, recreational areas, public squares, and memorials. Additionally, we install special event string lighting for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, and corporate celebrations.

Rely on Mobile Illumination For Your Professional Installation

From design to installation, outdoor lighting takes a lot of preparation and planning. Mobile Illumination has over twenty years of experience designing and installing complex lighting projects, and we are a licensed electrical contractor. We design with function in mind and use commercial-grade materials to increase the lifespan of your system. Click here to request your string lighting quote today! 

Want to see more ideas for spring landscape lighting? Check out our photo gallery!

Have Any More Questions?

We’re here to help! Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you have about your string lighting.