Jason Zdenek


Jason Zdenek


Jason is the visionary founder and President of Mobile Illumination. Jason’s journey began with a spark of inspiration during a movie studio tour, where he saw the potential to spread holiday cheer through dazzling lighting displays. Drawing on his diligent planning skills needed to juggle pursuing an engineering degree while playing football at UCLA, Jason created the business around a turnkey solution for those wanting to enjoy the Christmas Season on a whole different level. Catering to commercial properties and beautiful residential properties, Mobile Illumination has earned a reputation for quality and innovation. From iconic landmarks like The Grove to prestigious studios such as Universal and Warner Brothers, Jason’s passion for lighting design continues to illuminate the Greater Los Angeles area year-round. Beyond the daily work routine, Jason finds joy in flying as a private pilot, cherishes quality time with his wife and three boys, and finds comfort in his commitment to his faith.

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