3 Ways to Illuminate Your Backyard for Getting Dark Earlier

September 3, 2019
Landscape, Year - Round

One of the best parts of summer is enjoying more time outdoors. Dinner parties, date nights in, and catching up with friends are much better when done outside and under the stars. With summer coming to an end and the sun setting at an earlier time, we don’t want you to have to sacrifice those beautiful summer evenings outdoors. Keep those long summer nights going with these 3 ways on how to illuminate your backyard. 

1. String Lights

The beauty of string lights will never get old and we love how versatile they are. Create a beautiful border around a gazebo or patio cover or brighten your landscape with tree wraps. Wherever you decide to hang string lights will add a bright and elegant touch to your backyard.

2. Pathway Lights

Create an exciting pathway to your favorite hangout spot with framing pathway lights. Whether the path guides you to a firepit or relaxing under a gazebo, you’ll enjoy the beauty of a well-lit pathway for guidance.

3. Accent Lights

Accent lights are a great way to highlight trees, foliage, sculptures, fountains, and walls. These lights will not only brighten your backyard, but will create a stunning first impression. Give your backyard a well-lit and more enjoyable feel.

At Mobile Illumination, we have the experience and expertise to brighten your backyard to your satisfaction. To learn more about how Mobile Illuminations can help you design the landscape lighting of your dreams, give us a call at 800.840.1777 or click the button below to find out about our free Night Demo!

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