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It’s not just about outdoor lighting, it’s about your outdoor lifestyle at home.

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Enhance Your Living Experience at Home

Enjoy the beauty, safety, and value that outdoor lighting can provide for your property.

A custom outdoor lighting installation with the right design can give you the outdoor lifestyle you’ve always wanted from your home. Enjoy the ambiance that outdoor lighting provides while dining with family, relaxing by the pool or celebrating a special occasion. Feature all of the beautiful details of your landscape while providing safety along pathways and stairs. Improve your outdoor living and add value to your home with a quality lighting installation from Mobile Illumination.

Designing Your Outdoor Lighting Installation

You’ve made the decision to install beautiful outdoor lighting to your property. What’s next? An initial consultation with one of our lighting designers to understand your project. Next, a visit to your property will allow us to get the lay of the land and can help us visualize your lighting design. If desired, we can then setup a lighting demonstration to show you how the final product will look. The final step is installation followed by unbridled excitement!
Add beauty, safety, and value to your home by illuminating all the features you love.
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Provides ambience that gives a feeling of occasion and is perfect for overhead or wrapping trees.
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Designing Outdoor Lighting - Step 1


We consult with you over the phone, video chat, or in person so that we can fully grasp your needs, expectations, and project requirements.

Designing Outdoor Lighting - Step 2
Property Evaluation


We can meet with you on-site or do a walk-through with your approval so we can better understand the demands of your property and installation.

Designing Outdoor Lighting - Step 3
Lighting Demo


Our expert lighting designers and installers will perform a lighting demo so you can experience the impact an outdoor lighting installation can have.

Designing Outdoor Lighting - Step 4


A lighting design is only as good as its installation. Our crews install with efficiency, precision, and care to ensure your property is safe and lit to perfection.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Pathway Lighting
In-ground Lighting
Accent Lighting
Step Lighting
Lighting Consultant

Ready to Get Inspired?

Speak to one of our Lighting Designers and talk about ideas to inspire and plan your lighting installation.

We install outdoor lighting for all types of properties


We’ll design a lighting system as unique as your home. You’ll be enjoying your outdoor living at home like never before.

Outdoor Lighting for Business


Attract more people to your business and offer an experience that extends their visit and keeps them coming back more often.

Outdoor Lighting for Municipal


Make your main street, public square, or recreational areas more enjoyable for residents and tourists .

Your Outdoor Lighting Service

Beauty. Safety. Value.
Our goal when beginning your outdoor lighting project is to understand exactly what you want in a design. After which the final product rests on our timely installation, unmatched capability, and commercial-grade fixtures. Our promise is to provide excellent customer service and surpass your expectations at every stage of your project.
Lighting Design


Design is what separates a good outdoor lighting installation from an extraordinary one. Our experienced lighting designers design installations as unique as your property.

Lighting Installation


Landscapes can provide unique challenges when installing outdoor lighting. Our experience and capability allow us to overcome the demands of any project.

Lighting Maintenance


It is common to need general upkeep, repositioning, or repairs. If you need, we provide maintenance services for your custom outdoor lighting installation.

Outdoor Lighting Service Areas

The Right Lighting Can Make All the Difference

The difference that a professional lighting installation can make to your property is astounding. Until you see the effect that lighting can have, the beauty it provides, and the value it adds to your home it’s hard to imagine. The before and after image below shows just how much of a difference a well designed lighting installation can make to your property.
See How We Transform Properties with Outdoor Lighting
The lighting design you installed really looks wonderful! Couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out. It's revitalized our wanting to spend more time outdoors.

Brian A.

Malibu, California

I was soooo excited pulling in just now and seeing a spectacular "polished" lighting design! Gorgeous! Staff: sweet, charming, professional... Thank you so much!

Erica M.

Lake Sherwood, California

Let Your Outdoor Lighting Inspire Your Outdoor Living

With just a brief design consultation with a lighting designer we can start bringing your vision and project to life.
Call us at 1.800.840.1777 or submit your request for a consultation.
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    Where You Can See Our Lighting Installations
    Four Seasons
    Hollywood Bowl
    Americana at Brand
    City of Beverly Hills
    Greek Theatre

    Outdoor Lighting at Your Fingertips

    Create custom lighting schedules, design themes, control color, dimming & more.

    Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

    Add safety, conserve energy, and increase the lifespan of your system with LED outdoor lighting.

    Quality Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

    We install premium lighting fixtures that shine bright at night and look great during the day.
    If you want to learn more about lighting technology, low voltage options, or our premium fixtures contact us at 1.800.840.1777

    Frequently Asked Questions - Outdoor Lighting

    As an experienced Outdoor Lighting company serving Los Angeles, we are asked the questions below quite often. To make it easier for you to choose to move forward with your lighting project, we have provided some answers to common questions below.
    How do your lighting fixtures compare to something I can buy at the big box stores?
    It’s tempting to purchase lights and products advertised at the big box stores, but you get what you pay for. Typically, these low-priced items are not going to last. The quality of the light fixture, the light source, the lighting effect, life-span, warranty, and how the fixture looks during the day are important considerations when choosing your outdoor lighting product. Mobile Illumination offers a variety of high quality products and materials for any custom lighting project.
    Why choose a professional landscape lighting contractor?
    Designing an outdoor functional lightscape takes a lot of preparation and planning. Outdoor lighting involves more than installing a few spotlights and lining pathways with solar lights. It’s about creating visual appeal through intentional design and placement of accent lights. This distinction is present when you can tell the difference between a DIY landscape lighting property and one that went with an experienced professional. An expert design team will have in-depth knowledge of a variety of lighting techniques, know how to play with light and shadows, and can create a cohesiveness that ties it all together while showing off a home’s best features.
    What are the advantages of low voltage landscape lighting over high voltage systems?
    Low voltage lighting offers a multitude of options while expanding your outdoor living space. The benefits include energy conservation, affordability, longevity, and family-friendly safety features. The Mobile Illumination team are experts when it comes to planning and designing with low voltage outdoor lighting.
    What about Solar?
    Solar has some clear benefits but don’t hold up to its electric counterparts. Solar lights depend on solar energy, which means if they are not spending enough time during the day in full sunlight they won’t fully charge and produce enough light at night. In addition to not being quite as bright as an electrical option, when used as an ambient light can cast an undesirable bluish tint. In low lighting and cloudy days solar lights tend not to last through an entire night and the strength of their illumination suffers.
    How do the lighting controls work?
    The most common option is to have your outdoor lights connected to timers in which you can have on different groups. Set them to come on at a specified time and auto adjust to the time of year. Another popular options is to control your lights with a phone app. You can create groups, themes, change colors, as well as dimming modifications.
    Do you have fixtures that can withstand harsh coastal weather conditions?
    The experts at Mobile Illumination use top-quality outdoor products that are skillfully engineered and tested to withstand harsh weather conditions in coastal areas.

    Have Any More Questions?

    We’re here to help! Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you have about your outdoor lighting.