5 Outdoor Christmas Light Designs Trending This Year

November 23, 2020
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Christmas is months away and people already have started hanging lights on their homes and businesses to spread holiday cheer. Unveiling a festive outdoor Christmas light display will create smiles and brighten moods during this pandemic. Many families will forgo the tradition of joining crowds at malls and retailers. Instead, they will be practicing social distancing and driving around looking at beautifully decorated homes.

Creating a stunning winter wonderland and transforming your exterior will make your family happy and create a feel-good factor for everyone in the community. There are a variety of ways you can create a magical atmosphere right in your backyard. Check out our list of trends that Christmas fans will be following this year.

Large Lighted Christmas Balls

Big and beautiful – lighted Christmas balls are an instant hit! Commercial decorators are creating a variety of illuminated spheres this year. Homeowners love them too! Lighted Christmas ball scenes are appearing in many yards, creating dreamlike holiday scenes. Choose your favorite colors and sizes to design a panorama of Christmas light balls. Then grab some hot cocoa, sit back and enjoy.

Shimmering Rope Lights

Rope lights are a versatile option for outdoor holiday lighting. Colorful rope lights cast a wide glow across larger spaces and deliver stunning effects. Besides creating a merry atmosphere, rope lights are useful for highlighting contours, edges, walkways, decks and patios. Choose colors that reflect the holidays and that will complement your exterior.

Ambient Star Lights

Capture the beauty of the twinkling skies with Christmas star lights. Star lights come in a variety of holiday hues. Bright colors like green, blue, and red, can add a traditional accent to your Christmas scene. Warm white lighted stars have gained popularity, creating a sophisticated and inviting ambiance. While a cooler white light produces a bright silvery glow, and goes well with snowy wonderland themes.

Wrapping Trees with Lights

Wrapping trees with Christmas lights is magical and festive! With endless options of colors, designs, sizes, and animations, your trees are sure to come to life. Dazzle your neighbors with an astonishing paradise created by wrapping your trees with holiday lights this season.

Outdoor Deer and Sleighs

Beautifully lit outdoor deer and sleighs produce a postcard-perfect Christmas scene. You can add some playful imagery and the magic of Santa to your decor with elegant deer and sleighs. Elevate your outdoor Christmas display with Mobile Illumination’s charming decorations. Click here to see our Christmas decor options.

We hope we’ve inspired you with our list of ideas to transform your exterior into a winter fairy tale. Mobile Illumination can help you plan and design a fun and festive outdoor Christmas scene, featuring top-quality lighting and holiday decorations. Our easy 6 step process covers initial evaluation and design, through removal and storage. Click here and contact us today.

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