Bring in the New Year with These Dazzling Designs

December 23, 2020
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New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate! We celebrate the end of a successful year and welcome a brand-new year with a fresh start. Even amidst the pandemic, celebrating the start of the new year with friends and family is important. New Year’s Eve is a time to raise our glasses and toast all the possibilities ahead. To create a mood of inspiration for your New Year’s gathering, choose lighting and illumination that highlights the features of your home or venue space. Here are our suggestions to set the mood for your New Year’s celebration.

Decorative Outdoor Lanterns

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to decorate your home and walkway with outdoor lanterns. Lanterns come in a variety of beautiful designs. You can hang them in your patio and deck or use them to line your walkways. With options like solar and waterproof, these flameless accents add ambience to any space.

Starburst Lights

Starburst lights, also known as firework lights, are stunning mini lights designed in a bouquet shape creating an explosion of light. Twinkling and bright, these lights can be remotely operated, feature programmable modes, and are waterproof. Starburst lights range in different sizes and colors, making them a great addition indoor or outdoor.

Curtain Lights

Curtain lights bring the WOW factor! Curtain lights add an exciting flare to your place. Distinctive and striking, they can be used in many ways and can be customized for any space. Curtain lights come in different shades and sizes that add a warm, incandescent glow that stands out. Fully lined, sheer, or transparent, curtain lights are an easy way to elevate your party.

Outdoor Garden Chandelier

An outdoor hanging chandelier is a luxurious and beautiful addition to any special event. Shining with numerous lights, outdoor chandeliers are enchanting and dramatic. These marvelous hanging centerpieces are versatile and durable. If sophistication is your theme, then an outdoor chandelier is a must-have for your New Year’s party.

Mock Bonfire

Have fun this year with a flameless artistic expression of a traditional bonfire. All you need are some string lights, freshly cut wood, and creative placement. A mock bonfire is cozy and charming, a conversation piece that is sure to delight your friends and family.

Fiber Optic Starfield

Turn this New Year’s celebration into a cosmic affair with a starfield ceiling. A starry sky right inside your home creates a fanciful and magical focal point for your guests. Mobile Illumination specializes in bringing the outdoors inside and helps you design your custom constellations. Click here if you want to take your party to the next level with a fiber optic starfield.

Outdoor Audio

Outdoor audio transforms your space and provides a great way to set the mood for your party. Put together your favorite playlist and let your outdoor audio system do the rest. Mobile Illumination offers customized outdoor audio installation for all your outdoor spaces. Satellite speakers, subwoofers, and an amplifier work together to bring you an enhanced sensory experience. Click here to learn more about Mobile Illumination’s cutting-edge audio system.

You may be interested in a creative landscape lighting design for long term enjoyment. Aside from complementing your special event, outdoor landscape lighting looks great all year long and the benefits only increase. To visualize your home with custom landscape lighting, check out Mobile Illumination’s Free Night Demo and talk to a design expert today!

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