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Christmas Lighting Design with Peace of Mind

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We all love images of perfection.
The statue of David, chiseled and polished out of marble.
Rembrandt’s flawless brush strokes over canvas.
Mozart, creating sonic heaven out of the perfect arrangement of notes.
The baseball game played over diamonds and perfect green grass.
The MacBook, transforming the blocky old personal computer into something sleek, silver, and exciting.

We all love the finished product, but what is even more impressive and important is the process leading to that perfection.

There is no masterpiece, without the mastery of process.

At Mobile Illumination, LA’s Christmas lighting pros, we have perfected the process of customer service, and we would like to share that process with you.

Maintaining Perfection

Issues sometimes arise when you combine thousands of lights, electrical current, and the great outdoors.

This is where we come in. Give us any Christmas lighting problem—resetting GFI outlets, malfunctioning timers, replacing burned out lights or strands—and know that there is no problem we haven’t seen, and no problem we cannot solve.

Maintaining the perfection of your visual Christmas lighting display starts with our Christmas lighting installation teams. We never outsource or sub-contract our lighting installations, and all of our teams are staffed by experienced pros led by crew chiefs with at least a decade of experience.

Beyond the insurance of our trained professional installation teams, we offer literal insurance. For the duration of your holiday lighting display, know that all of your lighting and décor comes with a free maintenance and repair guarantee.

Routine Inspections

While problems, like the changing weather, are both unpredictable and inevitable, we are a company that takes great pride in providing predictably reliable service while staying out of your way.

During the Christmas season, we perform routine maintenance inspections on our properties and installations to make sure all lighting and décor are working properly. If we see any problems, we often make the repairs before a service call is even placed.

And when it comes to client convenience, we make sure Christmas lighting repair or removal jobs are completed during non-working hours. We not only keep an eye on your lighting, making sure your designs are the brightest, but we work behind the scenes, so that your Christmas display is always the star of the show.

Saving you Time, Space, and Hassle.

Everyone knows that end of Christmas feeling, and let’s face it, we would all rather decorate the tree then strip it bare of lights and ornaments. Then there is the difficulty of finding a place for those lights and that tree in your attic, basement, or storage space.

If you are a restaurant, car dealership, city, mall, or any other business covering thousands of square feet, that Christmas tree may be forty feet tall, those lights may cover acres, and fitting all those lights into that limited company storage space may seem like the kind of jigsaw puzzle you don’t want to solve.

While no one likes Christmas to end, we can guarantee the most seamless and hassle-free closure to the greatest holiday on earth. We install, maintain, remove, and store without you lifting a finger. And when it comes to our process, even before we store your lights in an optimal, temperature controlled environment, we perform detailed maintenance checks to insure that those lights will work with perfection next Christmas.

Partners in Process

Behind every masterpiece by the Rembrandts, Mozarts and Steve Jobs of the world, there is a masterful process.

At Mobile Illumination, Los Angeles’s leading Christmas lighting installation professionals, we have perfected our own process, and a great part of that perfection comes from our relentless attention to customer satisfaction.

No, we do not use oil paint, musical notes, or computer chips, but we do believe we have something better. We have your holiday vision.

Your vision combined with our expertise makes us partners in the creative process, and this process has guaranteed countless hours of Christmas light and spirit for over 15 years.

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