Christmas Lights Spread Cheer Amid the Pandemic

October 27, 2020
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Christmas is right around the corner! This is the time of year when enthusiastic families pile into cars and drive around visiting businesses and houses decorated with the most extravagant lights. Although the effects of the recent lock-down continue to be felt, this remains an important tradition for most Americans. Amid efforts to slow the spread of COVID 19, many businesses reopened, but many more continue to be closed or are operating at a limited capacity. In some areas, major retailers and malls are discouraging large social gatherings and foot traffic, therefore delaying or even canceling their elaborate Christmas displays and decorations.

Welcome the Festive Season of Christmas

This year, it’s more important than ever to welcome the festive season of Christmas with beautiful Christmas decor and lighting. Families are decking the halls to send a positive message to the community and to brighten moods in these dark times. Creating a stunning Christmas lightscape that truly stands out, will not only completely change the appearance of your home, but will also create a feel-good factor for everyone around.

Spread cheer in a simple but inspiring way!

Since people can admire your Christmas lights from their car windows, you and your admirers can stay safe and bring some much needed cheer along with an overdue break from the boredom of social distancing.

Mobile Illumination can help you plan and design a one of a kind Christmas display featuring top-quality lighting and holiday decorations. Your stunning Christmas design will be noteworthy, so be sure to post lots of photos on social media. Then, even those who are sheltering in place, can see them online.

Christmas Lighting Trends on Social Media

Sharing decorations on Facebook, and scrolling through Twitter and Instagram to view lit-up homes, has become a new trend. Favored hashtags like #CoronaKindness, #LightsForLife, #ChristmasInMarch, and #ChristmasLights, celebrate these heartwarming efforts and spread positive vibes. Plus, Christmas lights have been linked to an increase in happiness and energy according to psychologist Deborah Seran. Holiday decorations can trigger the hormones that uplift your mood and boost feelings of joy. For some, holiday lights and decorations provide some relief from depression and anxiety.

Turn Your Christmas Lighting Ideas into Reality

So if you could use a little pick-me-up during this time of year, count on our design experts at Mobile Illumination to create a beautiful winter wonderland that will add some holiday cheer and sparkle to your home. Our easy 6 step process covers initial evaluation and design through removal and storage. Your project will be in the hands of our capable technicians who will help turn your ideas into reality. To start your bright and beautiful Christmas lighting project, click here and contact us today.

Have Any More Questions?

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