Create Yard Envy With Halloween Lighting

September 29, 2021

Holiday landscape lighting isn’t just limited to Christmas. Adding outdoor Halloween lighting allows you to take advantage of this fun Holiday and create dramatic effects for your landscape. Do you want to create a specific Halloween mood? Do you have a particular Halloween theme in mind? Here are some popular lighting options to create some spooktacular scenes.

Black Light Bulbs

A black light is a must for Halloween! Black lights emit ultraviolet light. When you shine ultraviolet light on fluorescent material, it lights up with a beautiful luminescence, making it great for Halloween decorations that are created for use with black lighting. Black lights come in a variety of sizes and appear dark blue or purple. Black lights are a good option if you’re looking for more temporary outdoor lighting ideas. For an instantly ghoulish touch – just screw a black light bulb into an existing outdoor lighting fixture.

Colored String Lights

String lights are an easy outdoor Halloween lighting approach. A set of orange and purple string lights can add a touch of Halloween holiday spirit. For cozy areas, like your front or back porch, decorate with string lights in the shape of bats, pumpkins, or skulls.

Halloween Path Lights

Halloween path lighting can be wickedly fun while also prioritizing safety. Use accents of colors on your walkways to create an eerie atmosphere and to help direct your guests in the right direction. Themed pathway lighting also brings your scene together, expanding your theme throughout your entire yard.

Projection Lighting

Do you have blank space outside of your home? Like garage doors or a side of your home that screams blank canvas. If so, then projection lighting is a creative way to add Halloween enchantment to your home’s exterior. Create a scary scene or a kid-friendly light show for Halloween with projector lights. Projection lighting can suit any theme and most include numerous programmed settings and multiple color selections.

Colored Flood Lights

Do you want to create a ghostly atmosphere? Do you have Halloween decorations you’d like to highlight? Why not use colored flood lights to complete your scene. Colored flood lights allow you to maximize your yard’s Halloween decorations with little effort. You will want to purchase a high quality, durable, non-fading colored lens kit. Darker colors such as blue, purple, and green produce a ghostly atmosphere. Red and orange look great when highlighting pumpkins or action-filled scenes.

Add Color to Your Porch Lights

Cast creepy lights across your porch and entryway with some fun-colored bulbs. Using colored bulbs in place of your porch’s white bulbs will add a splash of creepy color while providing visibility for your guests. Halloween lighting like this is simple! Regardless of your theme, spooky, fun, playful or scary, kids especially love the transformation from ordinary to extraordinary.

Electronic Haunted Forest

Craft your own haunted electric forest by wrapping trees with purple, green and orange LED string lights. To make your forest an awe-inspiring spectacle, attach large spiders to the trunks and hang balls of light from the branches to create glowing floating orbs. The illumination created from an artistic Halloween Forest is stunning and is hauntingly fun for the entire neighborhood!

Color Tips:

Blue lights and black lights create an eerie ambiance and are just right for graveyards and ghosts.

Green lights are ideal for themes like Sci-Fi, zombie, Frankenstein, and monsters.

Red lights are perfect for your devil or vampire décor, as well as haunted houses.

Yellow lights are playful and excellent for your owls, pumpkins, and candy corn décor.

Whether you want to try one of the options above or go for a customized Halloween lighting panorama, we can help! Contact the designers at Mobile Illumination to discover how we can transform your landscape into a magical, enchanting space for Halloween or even all year round. Click here to speak to one of our experts.

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