Customized Landscape Lighting Boost Your Wellbeing

August 20, 2022

Time spent outside can be incredibly beneficial! When we spend time outdoors, we connect with people and nature. Leisure time outdoors boosts our wellbeing and is a great way to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings. A customized landscape lighting design can extend family enjoyment after dusk. Landscape lighting doesn’t just provide aesthetic appeal, it provides a wealth of benefits that everyone can appreciate.

Focus On Family Time

Often, we feel that we don’t have enough time with our families. In between jobs and obligations, it can be challenging to schedule family time. An evening with the family doesn’t have to revolve around the TV or smartphones. If your kids find it hard to unplug from their devices, an illuminated, inviting outdoor space can get them outside. Why not have dinner on the patio? Or go for an evening swim? Once the family is outside, everyone will be inspired to focus on being together.

Nature As Therapy

Landscape lighting helps to draw us outside at night, allowing us to create an outdoor sanctuary that can be utilized after dark. Being outside rejuvenates us and can improve our mental health. A deliberate space that includes fresh air, ambient lighting, and natural elements can elevate our mood, relieve stress, and improve sleep. Our jobs and productivity can take up most of the day. The evening may be the only break we get to reenergize. Soft lighting and warm tones are ideal when planning a serene outdoor environment. This lighting scheme encourages a sense of relaxation and is opposite of the cool tones from light on your phone and computer screen. This gives your eyes a rest and allows you to focus on nature using all your senses. 

Staying in Touch with Friends

Did you know that dark settings can raise your sense of danger making you feel insecure and vulnerable? Outdoor lighting can provide you and your family with a sense of security and peace of mind. Security lighting deters intruders and provides visibility of your property. When we spend time in our yard and patios at night, we must have appropriate lighting to enjoy the amenities and to stay safe. Pool lighting helps keep swimmers stay safe, path lighting prevents trips and falls, and landscape lighting highlights the unique features of our homes. Outdoor lighting is essential because it allows individuals to see potential problems and hazards, as well as our beautiful surroundings, giving us visual control over our space.

Customized Landscape Lighting Gives Time Just for Yourself

Don’t underestimate what customized landscape lighting and  a beautifully illuminated yard can do for your mental health. For most of us, we are interacting with people all throughout the day and by the end, we need a break. Solitude is beneficial and a great way to provide time for self-reflection and to clear our minds. Outdoor illumination using warm and softly toned lighting can have a calming effect. This tranquility gives us the mental space that we need to ground and center ourselves after a stressful day. You can create a quiet retreat after dark using lighting design. In fact, spending just 20 minutes outside can lower stress, blood pressure, and heart rate. 

Take Pride in Customized Landscape Lighting You Created

It takes a lot of work and planning to create spaces with a customized landscape lighting. These areas are a result of our labors of love! It might be a groomed garden, or a specially designed courtyard, or custom outdoor kitchen, or a relaxing pool. Outdoor lighting highlights these spaces, adding another layer of experience. We get to unwind and decompress after dark, appreciating our homes and outdoor living space. This is the time we can take pride in what we’ve built for ourselves, and it is uplifting to feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Outdoor lighting allows homeowners to enjoy Mother Nature after dusk. Being outdoors positively impacts our wellbeing and health. Even the simplest things, such as lounging on our patio with friends, can go a long way. Click here to contact Mobile Illumination for more information on our year round lighting designs or to schedule a consultation with our team!

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