It’s Never Too Early for Christmas

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Yes, holidays. All of them have light in common. The soft gold flicker of a romantic candlelit dinner on Saint Valentine’s Day. The red, white, and blue fireworks exploding across the American sky.

Fourth of July Fireworks

Source: Epic Fireworks

That orange glow from the Jack-o-lantern.


Source: Jeff Kramer

And Christmas, who could forget Christmas, the ultimate holiday. When you put light and Christmas together, memorable things happen everywhere: city’s squares, busy streets, shopping malls, ice skating rinks, churches, the North Pole and, of course, in crowded family rooms and television screens across America. Like red-nosed reindeer guiding Santa’s sleigh. Like the Miracle on 34th Street. Like Ebenezer Scrooge, the greedy miser, rising on Christmas morning and giving away gooses and money. Like the ice around the Grinch’s heart melting.

These Holiday memories and traditions shared with family are sacred. And as much as we Americans love our progress, we still believe strongly in certain traditions. Like the tradition that Christmas retail decorations and advertisements should wait until Thanksgiving. Like the notion that our brief Holiday Season loses some of its luster when it is stretched out to four months.
Like the idea that Christmas is more about the giving than it is about the selling.

Yes, there are these traditions, yet Christmas keeps coming earlier and earlier every year. And maybe, despite the common frustration of seeing Christmas trees at Target in August, there is a reason why we might want it earlier. The reason is simple, because Christmas is simply awesome.

Dads get away with playing dress up, putting on fake white beards and red stocking caps. Children, giddy with visions of new bicycles and Barbie Dolls, get away with waking their parents up at 4 am on Christmas Morning. We all get away with grazing around plates full of cheese logs, eating things wrapped in bacon (who doesn’t like bacon), and dipping everything in chocolate or drizzling it with brandy.

And we do it all in the sparkling light of Christmas Trees.

Christmas Tree
Mobile Illumination Holiday Lighting Design – 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica

And we remember everything more because it happens at Christmas. Memories made and shared in those family photos snapped by the fireplace, around the red and green candle centerpiece on the Christmas dinner-table, and yes, all those gold and silver bowed gifts wrapped under the lights of the Christmas Tree.

Who doesn’t remember the excitement, the treasure-seeking thrill of tearing into that box, revealing the great golden mystery hiding under layers of Frosty the Snowman wrapping paper. Yes, people remember those golden Christmases, those times we are liberated from work and worry, can drink our Eggnog and brandy, listen to our Elvis and our Bing Crosby Christmas albums in the
well-lighted spaces where we gather together for warmth, shared spirit, family rituals, and yes, another glass of that Eggnog, please.

Egg Nog

Source: David Armano

Since Christmas and the Holidays are the ultimate medium for memory making and joyful reunion, maybe the Christmas season can and should happen earlier. Let’s face it, we all need more light in our lives.

At Mobile Illumination we are fans of all things Christmas – the more the merrier, the earlier the better! In this spirit we have a FREE Noble Fir Christmas tree for all customers who sign up for Christmas lighting and decorations before October 31st and install by November 12th. For more information about the promotion and details about the tree click here.

Christmas Tree Promotion

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