Landscape Lighting Tips for Your Growing Business

April 30, 2022

Do you own a business that takes advantage of the beautiful Southern California evenings? Does your business have outdoor seating and host after-dark events?  Atmosphere matters just as much as the food or service you provide, and landscape lighting plays a big role. Discover some landscape lighting tips for the multitude of ways outdoor lighting can draw patrons in and keep them coming back.

Customize Your Tabletop Lighting

Lighting for outdoor dining will vary according to your guests. When accommodating larger groups, pendant lights and chandeliers are an excellent choice and can hang from the patio ceiling to provide down light over the table. These fixtures create a “wash” of light that gently illuminates the area, giving everyone plenty of visibility. In addition, placing LED tealights or small lanterns on tabletops adds to the ambiance while providing the perfect amount of illumination, especially for couples at smaller tables. If your seating remains static, install architectural lighting fixtures to further customize the space with style and function.

Set the Mood with Patio Lighting

A smart, attractive patio lighting design can extend your business hours after dark. Patio lights can be both fun and functional. Pendant lights and wet-rated chandeliers are very popular and are great for covered spaces. For a bold look, opt for floor lamps with striking shapes. Commercial grade floor lamps  are especially useful for sectioning off spaces without adding more architectural elements. String lights are probably the most popular patio light, bringing style and charm to restaurant and bar patios. Above all, provide safety lighting by illuminating all steps and boundaries. This not only creates depth and definition for your commercial patio but also keeps everyone safe. Sitting walls and benches are welcoming and cozy, try installing undercap lighting to cast a soft wash of light that provides safety too.

Design and Durability

Commercial outdoor lighting can include wall sconces, stair lights, rope lights, tree lights, bistro lights, and path lights, in and around the perimeter of your business. Organic lighting designs create a contour of light that separates outdoor seating from the surrounding landscape. These design elements impact the mood and comfort of your patrons. Choose bulbs that are durable and can withstand rain and outdoor moisture. Remember to harmonize your bulb warmth with your design style to create cohesiveness and curb appeal. Cooler hues feel invigorating and refreshing , while warmer colors are relaxing and romantic. Layering the right blend of wattage, color, and fixtures can create stunning results.

Highlight Your Best Features

Focus on your best, by highlighting unique architectural features, water elements, sculptures, and greenery. Many commercial patios are built around large trees and beautiful vegetation, so why not take advantage of these natural features. Try placing small lights within gardens, flower beds, or planter areas to illuminate foliage. Adding spotlights behind trees and shrubs creates dramatic silhouettes and layers, while placing lights in the front creates shadows and movement. Illuminate a beautiful fountain with strategically placed submersible fixtures. This creates shadowing effects and provides a soothing focal point for your guests.

Light the Way

Your business is different from any other, and so are your lighting needs. Your walkways may need only basic decorative lighting, or you may need a lot of illumination for longer entrances and parking. All your pathways need to be visible and well-lit to avoid stumbles and accidents. Commonly, path lights are nestled into the landscape using in-ground fixtures. Oftentimes businesses will also mount fixtures on wall surfaces angled downward, to provide maximum visibility of the landscape and walking paths. Bollard lights are excellent for large pathways and parking. Bollard lights come in a variety of heights and patterns allowing you to customize artistry with function.

Signs and Branding

Your exterior lighting design is the first thing your customers see, especially after dark. This includes your business signage and logo. These elements are the face of your property and can do wonders for your revenue. To start, be sure your sign is properly illuminated and can be seen at a distance. Brightness, color, design, and placement of your sign impacts foot traffic. You’ll want newcomers to feel enticed and compelled to step inside. Signage and logos personalize your space while expressing your business’s unique service, so make it memorable! 

Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting is not only an ideal way to extend your business after hours, but also an important tool that can help protect your business. When your establishment is closed for the night, you don’t want to be left with a dark property. A thoughtfully planned lighting design provides layered security to protect your investment. Motion-activated light fixtures can help deter intruders and can be attached to buildings, trees, or elsewhere. Other options are LED flood lights with photocells. The flood lights will wash a large space with light and the photocells will automatically run from dusk to dawn. These lights are best placed in higher elevations for maximum effect. An experienced designer will know how to integrate security lighting without taking away from your property’s natural environment.

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