Outdoor Christmas Décor Trends 2022

October 20, 2022

Nothing says Christmas spirit like Outdoor Christmas Décor thoughtfully placed around your home and lawn. Some decorations will never go out of style, while others gain popularity with the new season. If you are looking to change things up or your aim is to create a more playful seasonal display, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to discover our list of Outdoor Christmas Décor that will be on everyone’s wish list this holiday season.

Winter White Outdoor Christmas Décor

Time and time again, these lights never lose their luster! When you imagine a postcard-perfect wintery scene, these are the lights that come to mind. Winter white lights are extremely popular and closely mimic the look of white incandescent lights, which ruled the Christmas lighting landscape for generations. Winter white LEDs have a bit of yellow swirled in with the white, giving them their classic color. The color temperature of lights is measured in Kelvins. This measurement is even more noticeable in white lights than it is in other colors because the lower the Kelvin temperature, the more yellow you will see. Winter white lights are both elegant and versatile, and some homeowners enjoy keeping them up year-round for added ambiance.

Whimsical Icicle Lights

These dreamy lights are a guaranteed eye catcher! Hang icicle lights from your roof, fence, garage, or entryway to give your home a wintry makeover. Opt for contemporary icicle lights which offer energy-saving capabilities and different display modes. What’s more, each icicle showcases a different drop length, giving it a realistic look. If you want a Candyland themed home, multicolored icicle lights are for you! Some pro tips are to use a timer for customization and to purchase light clips for a convenient setup around your home.

LED Light Projector

Christmas light projectors display everything from animated deer and snowmen to lively light shows with a kaleidoscope of colors. Start by determining the number of square feet required to display the light show and the design aspects that you want your light show to reflect. Besides the many unique colorful patterns and various motion effects, LED light projectors feature timers, so you can customize the hours you want to feature your outdoor Christmas décor. They are weather resistant too, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected rain or snow.

Twinkling String Christmas Lights

These colorful, mini-LED bulbs look just like wistful, vintage Christmas lights! Twinkle string lights also feature numerous modes that twinkle and flash. You can choose long twinkle light strings that are connected over 60 feet, making them ideal for larger spaces. That’s hundreds of LED bulbs of bright light! Common areas to hang these lights include lining your roof, wrapping around trees, and ordinating unique features like statues, pergolas, and gazebos. Be sure to purchase commercial grade products that can stand up to harsh rain or snow conditions.

App-Controlled LED String Lights

There are a variety of advanced smart string lights on the market that you can control with Google Assistant or Alexa, with a smart speaker. By connecting to the smart string light app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can create custom patterns for your holiday lights, program timers, and more! The ease of programming your festive light show with your mobile device is worth every penny. App controlled string lights are not just for the holiday season. This investment allows you to personalize your home for celebrations year-round.

Vintage Inspired Cool White Outdoor Christmas Décor

Set the mood for your holiday celebrations with traditional Outdoor Christmas Décor and lights. If you like the textured look of those vintage-inspired strawberry C9 bulbs from the past, then you will love the LED version that will give you the same nostalgic feeling. The cool white LED C9’s stay cool, are energy efficient and brighter than traditional incandescent string lights. Waterproof C9 LED Christmas lights are durably designed to withstand rain and snow. They look bright and vibrant when hung along the eaves of your home and up the gable ends to the peak of the roof. You can also place C9 light strings vertically down each corner of the house to outline your home for more depth and definition.

Meteor Shower Rain Lights

Similar to icicle lights, meteor rain lights create a magical cascading effect that is mesmerizing. These lights consist of decorative tubes of dramatic illumination cascading from the top to bottom. Hang on patios, decks, and rooftops to create an enchanting scene. Choosing a durable, waterproof design will ensure that they withstand winter’s rain and snow. They especially look stunning when hung from tree branches on trees whose trunks are wrapped with net lighting.

Starburst Stakes and Candy Cane Lights

These lights are fun and create a beautiful scene when paired with other holiday decorations. Add an extra sparkle to your walkway or driveway by lining the area with candy canes or starbursts. They mark the way and add instant holiday cheer. Candy cane and starburst stake lights are bright and are a perfect complement to your outdoor reindeer and Christmas sleigh decorations. Most feature a variety of lighting effects and can be solar powered.

Festive Mailbox Swag

Serve up some holiday spirit to all who pass by your mailbox this winter season with mailbox swag! Choose your festive swag from unique, custom, and handmade decorations like faux pine branches and pinecone decorations. There are a variety of holiday mailbox swag decorations that are pre-lit with warm, cool, or colored LED lights for a jolly glow. Some even feature branches mixed with snow sprinkled tips, trimmed with red berries and holly leaves. Most feature 6 or more hours of timed operation plus tie wraps to secure swag to the mailbox.

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