Your Guide to Wedding Lighting – Part 2

May 25, 2022

Welcome to part 2 of our wedding event lighting blog. Now that you’ve learned some lighting lingo and gathered some important questions to ask, it’s time to turn your ideas and vision into reality. The next steps should be establishing your wedding event style and focusing on fixtures, décor, and specific areas that you want to highlight.  It is important to work closely with your lighting designer so that no detail is forgotten. 

Classic & Romantic

Classic reception spaces can be decorated with gorgeous elements like wall sconces, crystal chandeliers, tapered candles, candelabras, lit topiaries, and curtains of lights. Consider filling glass hurricanes with pillar candles, adding a monogram to your dance floor with a gobo, or using a spotlight to feature an ice sculpture or a stunning wedding cake. If you’re dining and mingling under the stars, fairy lights add charm with their simplicity and create an instant cozy ambiance. Try hanging fairy lights vertically to create a backdrop or drape them for a starry-sky effect. Add some pink or amber color-washing to give your space a rose-colored glow. 


A Rustic lighting design style highlights rugged, natural beauty creating an aged, elegant look. If this is your style, consider antique lanterns, paper lanterns, Edison bulb pendant lights, and marquee lights. These elements will bring an organic feel to your wedding design. Consider using globe-style strand lights to add a warmth with a hint of charm. Globe-style bulbs are larger than fairly lights, providing plenty of illumination. Other rustic décor includes pathways lined with luminaries, vintage or handcrafted chandeliers, and farmhouse fairy light wreaths. Rustic lighting will enhance the natural features of your decorations and venue.


A modern and minimal style provides drama without the fuss. Your modern design elements will showcase details like clean lines, geometric shapes, contemporary centerpieces, and monochromatic color schemes. You can achieve this sleek, fresh look by using floating candles, adding LED lights within your floral arrangements, illuminating your venue walls with a gobo pattern or textured lighting, and by adding color washing using pinks and purples. These elements will create a sophisticated feel.


You can play up your unique style by adding up lighting to focus and draw attention to distinct elements in your space. Pinspotting is an ideal addition if you have an unconventional cake or avant-garde centerpieces. Experiment with contrasting styles, colors, textures, and patterns. Since an edgy style may consist of dark or strong colors like purple, black, and red, it’s a great opportunity to add bits of wedding lighting drama with cold fireworks, illuminated drapery, and neon signage. Create a multi-sensory experience for your guests in an ethereal dreamscape.

More ideas to Brighten Your Venue

Rice Paper Lanterns

Consider using an assortment of paper lanterns in different sizes to create a multi-dimensional focal point above.

Custom Neon Sign

An eye-catching option to personalize your event space. Especially when placed behind your head table, this makes for an instant photo backdrop.  

Rattan Lanterns

Rattan lanterns are a beautiful addition for rustic and minimalistic wedding styles. 

Wooden Beaded Chandeliers

Think sophisticated farmhouse or modern chic with this element. Wooden beaded style chandeliers offer an airy, eclectic feel.

Love Sign

Spell out your love in neon signage! Your guests won’t be able to resist turning your hip sign into an Instagram-worthy moment. 

Bistro Lights

Whether you’re celebrating at an outdoor space or indoor venue, strands of bistro lights can be hung over your lounge area, above the dance floor, canopied, or used as a curtain backdrop. Edison lights are especially useful for an industrial inspired look. 

Antler Chandelier 

Enchanting with a rustic twist! An antler chandelier will fit right in at your farmhouse or countryside wedding venue, producing a romantic and vintage feel.

Custom Wall Projection

Looking to add an ultra-personal element to your wedding décor? Use a gobo to project your monogram, wedding date, or favorite endearing quote. 

Hurricane Lanterns

Use hurricane lanterns to illuminate the walkways of your venue. These gorgeous lights provide visibility for your guests while navigating after dark. 

Illuminated Marquee Heart 

Simple and sweet, a heart-shaped marquee light sign is a perfect accent above your sweetheart table, dessert bar, or venue entrance.  

Focus On These Areas When Planning Your Wedding Lighting Design:

Reception Tables

Dance floor

Food Station Backdrop


Wedding Cake

Dessert Table

Guestbook Table


Photo Booth

Lounge Areas

Cocktail Tables

Outdoor Pathways

Trees and greenery

Entrances and Exits 

Overhead lighting 

Planning your dream wedding event is an exciting process. Expert wedding lighting can completely transform your venue, enhance the reception décor, and create stunning photo ops for you and your guests. Mobile Illumination will guide you through the process and help you achieve your aspirations for your big day. Click here to speak with an expert designer.

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Have Any More Questions?

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