2nd Annual Decorated for Service Christmas Giveaway

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There are many reasons we so greatly appreciate the service of our country’s veterans and families. Our veterans have put their lives on the line for our freedom, and to help keep the peace around the world. They and their families have made countless sacrifices so that the rest of us can remain safe and secure. While we have been happily going about our everyday lives, these brave mean and women have spent years of their lives toiling on the battlefields. Many of them come home carrying the scars of war, both physical and emotional. Most of the time, they don’t get their names in the paper or their pictures on TV. But more than anyone, they deserve to be honored and recognized.

In 2014, in the spirit of gratitude, and giving back, Mobile Illumination launched its Decorated for Service Christmas Giveaway on social media to raise greater public appreciation for the 330,000 veterans of Los Angeles County. We awarded one of our local heroes with a holiday lighting and décor package valued at $3,000, so that their family and community could more fully enjoy the special spirit of the holiday.

During the past holiday season, we were proud and to once again be able to give back to the military community and brighten the holidays for a military family and their neighborhood. Many veterans, active duty military and their families entered our giveaway promotion on Facebook. In the end, Sergeant First Class Josh Deason, his wife Jessica Deason and their two year-old daughter Elizabeth from the military community of San Pedro, California were awarded the big prize. To see the exciting reveal of their custom holiday lighting and décor package, click on the video below. The looks on the Deasons faces say it all.

Congratulations to the Deason family and thanks to our entire military community. The next time you see a soldier, give him or her a salute and tell them how much you appreciate what they’ve done for our nation. Let them know that the sacrifices they made were not in vain, and that they are always in our prayers. In this small yet highly personal way, we can acknowledge all of our military heroes, and make them feel that they have been decorated for their service too.

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