Conversations with Claus

Conversations with Claus Vol 7 – Valentine’s Day

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Welcome to another Conversation with Claus, a Skype session with Santa Claus in which he provides sage advice to callers about celebrating the holidays. This month, Santa takes a conference call from Val and Tina Day.

The Days have been married for 10 years and are looking to Santa to share some of the secrets to the success of his multi-century marriage to Mrs. Claus, as well as some ideas about how to make Valentine’s Day extra special. Let’s listen in:

Val & Tina[Val & Tina] Hi Santa. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Ho, ho, ho. Thank you both. What can I help you with today?Santa
Val & Tina[Val & Tina] We’re looking for some fun, romantic ways to spend the big day with each other.
SantaI see. What have you done in the past?
Val & Tina[Val]Well, last year I bought Tina a belt and a bag.
SantaThat sounds nice. Did she appreciate the gesture?
Val & Tina[Val] Not really. But those parts sure helped the vacuum run better.
[Tina] You see what I’m up against Santa? One year on Valentine’s Day I told Val I’d do anything he wanted, as long as he could ask for it with three little words.
SantaWhat did he say?
Val & Tina[Tina] “Clean the house.”
SantaSounds like Val has a few problems in the romance department.
Val & Tina[Val] I’m not all that bad, Santa. I do believe that our marriage was made in heaven. Of course, so are thunder and lightning.
SantaOkay, I think I get the picture. Here are a few ideas that have worked for Mrs. Claus and me in the past. For one, try enjoying a special meal together. It could be breakfast at a local bakery, or maybe a candlelit dinner at home with chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. And afterwards, maybe watch a romantic movie together.
Val & Tina[Val]Great idea! I’ve heard Alien Versus Predator is good…
SantaAnother idea is to arrange a special getaway. Val, you could make secret reservations at a bed and breakfast and pack a bag for Tina. Then ask her to go for a drive with you. When you arrive at your destination, she’ll be in for a wonderful surprise.
Val & Tina[Tina] Ooh, I like that one. The only time we ever take a trip together is when Val gives me a ride to the grocery store.
SantaA dozen roses are always good, too. To make them more creative, try attaching an IOU to each steam for a special romantic date in the future. It could be for a concert or symphony, a massage, a trip to the theater or any number of other possibilities.
Val & Tina[Val]The Rams are coming back to L.A. We could go see a game!
SantaVal, I’m not sure that some of your ideas would be Tina’s first choice. Remember, whatever it is, the important thing is to spend time doing things you both enjoy.
Val & Tina[Val]Okay Santa, I think I’ve got it now. Thanks so much for your help.
SantaThink nothing of it. And remember: take every opportunity to show how much you both care about each other. Love is a beautiful thing, and there’s no such thing as being “too romantic.”

Tune in next month for another Conversation with Claus. And if you need special lighting for a Sweetheart’s dance, a wedding, or any other romance-themed event, be sure to give us a call. Happy Valentine’s Day from Mobile Illumination!

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