Brighten Your Landscape

May 7, 2018
Landscape, Year - Round

Spring has sprung and with it the anticipation for those unforgettable SoCal summer nights. And the best way, in our humble opinion, to prepare for these beautiful evenings spent with friends and family is to start planning your outdoor lighting and décor. With the right landscape lighting design, your backyard, porch, or garden will become the perfect space for summer barbeques, celebrations, and family hang outs. With Mobile Illumination’s professional lighting techniques, we’ll create the right mood and atmosphere to bring the comfort and ease of the indoors outside.

From lit pathways to brightened foliage, your lighting design will accentuate the landscape and architectural features of your space. This not only provides elegance and beauty, but also adds an important layer of security to your home. We’ll go over some of our favorite landscape lighting techniques, to hopefully give you insight on how to transform your backyard into your family’s favorite part of summer.

Accent and Flood Lights

Accent and flood lights add excitement and interest to any space. Do you have gorgeous flowers you’d like to highlight? Or intricate columns surrounding your front door? Accent lights are the best tool to pinpoint your home’s beautiful landscape and architectural features. For larger areas, such as trees and entire walls, consider flood lights for the extra provided light.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Path Lighting

Add charming warmth to your property with framing pathway lighting. You’ll be sure to feel the magic of summer nights each step of the way. Lighting communal pathways not only adds elegance, but also defines walkways for greater pedestrian safety. So you can be confident that you and your family are safe all night long.

Step Lighting

We all know that steps can be tricky. Add lights to your outdoor stairs to ensure that no one get hurts. Lighten up your walkway and add aesthetic appeal to your steps, deck, and evening.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Bistro Lights

Bistro lights create an inviting and warm atmosphere, perfect for dining, parties, and just hanging out with friends and family. Whether you’re enjoying a glass of wine, swimming in the pool, or celebrating your birthday, bistro lights won’t disappoint in establishing the perfect mood.

Landscape Lighting Installation

String Lights

Ah, string lights. Ubiquitous during the holidays, string lights are also handy year round – especially in outdoor settings. Create charming borders and patterns around architectural features or accentuate your landscape with tree wraps. No matter the occasion, string lights will brighten your experience.


Hanging pendants from foliage or architectural features will make your garden or backyard feel like a dream. The glow from pendant lights and the variety of shapes of the lights themselves add character and ambience to any outdoor setting.

At Mobile Illumination, we’re experienced in lighting design and installation to optimize your landscape’s beauty, value, and safety. For more ideas on landscape lighting techniques and options, give us a call. We’re always happy to help brighten your space and enhance your outdoor experiences.

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