Brighten Your Wedding Venue

May 30, 2018
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When it comes to wedding venues, the perfection lies in the details. Our favorite detail is, of course (yes you guessed it!), light. At Mobile Illumination, we use light to create art, in order to fill couples’ special days with beauty, brightness, and unforgettable memories.

When choosing that picture-perfect wedding venue, brides and grooms-to-be will swoon over artfully designed lighting. So how exactly do you maximize your venue’s lighting, charm, and wedding potential? Whether you manage a picturesque garden, romantic vineyard, or luxurious boutique hotel, we’ll show you how the lighting details make all the difference.

Lighting Design and Installation


Gardens are supremely romantic venues, ideal for that special day. With simple yet sophisticated up-lighting and accent lighting, your space’s lush greenery and water features will steal the show. Guests will love how the lights reflect on the calm water, offering them gorgeous views and photo backdrops. For a walk down the aisle that wows all, hang lanterns from the surrounding shrubbery and blooms. Or create a space for all to enjoy the romance after the ceremony by wrapping your gazebo and trees with string lights. With carefully planned lighting, you’ll have an enchanted garden that will be sure to create lasting appeal and memories for all.

Lighting Design and Installation


For wine and nature lovers, vineyards are the perfect wedding venue. Highlight the inherent romance of your vineyard with charming lighting design and installation. Combine overhang lighting and tree wraps to create a colorful canopy of lights. Guests and the happy couple will never stop smiling while dancing beneath this twinkling, “starry” sky. For the ultimate dining experience, set up tables beneath your light canopy, so all can enjoy the soft breeze, rolling hills, and rows of vines. When it’s time to eat, highlight the warmth and rustic charm of your indoor dining room with bright centerpieces and lights dangling from the open-beamed ceiling. Couples and their guests won’t regret a single moment in your ultra-romantic, elegant, and illuminated vineyard.

Lighting Design and Installation

Country Clubs & Hotels

Professional lighting can add even more class and elegance to your country club or hotel experience. Combine expert outdoor and special event lighting to give couples and their guests a variety of spaces to mingle, celebrate, and enjoy the romance. Add sparkle to your space with beautiful tree wraps that light up each branch. And when it’s time to move indoors to the reception, country clubs and hotels already offer so much – intricate ceilings, ornate columns, wide windows with amazing views. Just a few lighting design details will make these spaces even more awe-inspiring. For instance, install colorful wall washes and hanging chandeliers to accentuate your intricate architectural features. Or light up the dance floor with a projected textured pattern, dazzling pin lights, or the couples’ initials. Couples and guests will chat, celebrate, and dance all night long among the beauty and magic of glowing lights.

Bright & Beautiful Experiences

Creating joyful and memorable weddings starts with the venue. Make sure your venue’s lighting is optimized for romance, ambience, and celebration. Lighting designs that bring out the unique style, charm, and elegance of your space will undoubtedly result in bright and beautiful experiences for all.

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