Outdoor String Lighting Installation

String lighting delivers the perfect combination of function and ambience to any property.

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Year Round String Lighting

Enjoy the Ambience of Occasion Year-Round

Add a touch of elegance and ambience, while providing soft functional lighting.

Adding string lighting to your outdoor lighting design is the perfect way to add an atmosphere of occasion all year long. Overhead lighting allows for warm lighting to illuminate those times spent with family or friends for special celebrations. Do you have a tree that you want to make a focal point? Wrapping a tree with string lights will liven up any area while adding a unique and modern lighting style providing function and beauty.

Designing Your String Lighting Installation

Well-designed outdoor lighting can accent those special and unique qualities of your property. String lighting is a fantastic option to consider when designing and planning your lighting project. The two most common types of string lighting are overhead and tree wraps. However, the possibilities that these two lighting options offer are nearly unlimited.

Designing Outdoor Lighting - Step 1


We consult with you over the phone, video chat, or in person so that we can fully grasp your needs, expectations, and project requirements.

Designing Outdoor Lighting - Step 2
Property Evaluation


We can meet with you on-site or do a walk-through with your approval so we can better understand the demands of your property and installation.

Designing Outdoor Lighting - Step 3


A lighting design is only as good as its installation. Our crews install with efficiency, precision, and care to ensure your property is safe and lit to perfection.

Types of String Lighting

Types of String Lighting

String Lighting Mini Lights
String Lighting Bistro Lights
String Lighting Clip Lights
String Lighting Firefly Lights
Lighting Consultant

Talk to a Lighting Designer!

Let’s talk, no commitment. We’ll help you get started on your lighting project with some bright ideas.

We install string lighting for all types of properties


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Professional String Lighting

Design. Quality. Safety.
Mobile Illumination has over twenty years of experience designing and installing complex lighting installations. We design with function in mind and use commercial-grade materials to increase the lifespan of your system. Safety is always a priority to ensure that your installation is a worry-free process for you.
Lighting Design

Custom Design

When considering any lighting installation it’s important to ensure that every step of the process is carefully planned and executed. Design is no exception!

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Quality Materials

PRO TIP: Installing quality lighting materials are as important as any other consideration when it comes to a long-lasting lighting system, don’t settle for less.

Lighting Installation

Safely Installed

As with any electrical installation, it’s critical that safety is at the forefront. Mobile Illumination is an experienced and licensed electrical contractor.

See How We Transform Properties with String Lighting
I can not say enough good things about this company! We have permanent outdoor lighting that makes our large yard into a wonderland. We have been extremely pleased at every level.

Elyse L.

Encino, California

Exceeded my expectations. A great design and made excellent suggestions the day of install. The crew was professional and courteous I would use them again over my past vendor. They know their business for sure.

Ron N.

Torrance, California

Add Function & Style to Your Property with String Lighting

With just a brief design consultation with a lighting designer we can start bringing your vision and project to life.

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    Frequently Asked Questions - String Lighting

    As an experienced Outdoor Lighting company serving Los Angeles, we are asked the questions below quite often. To make it easier for you to choose to move forward with your lighting project, we have provided some answers to common questions below.
    What is the difference between your string lights versus what I can get at a store?
    The difference is commercial grade and standard grade. That difference is specifically in the wire and the sockets. The commercial grade light strands we use are made from heavy duty wire and feature weather-proof sockets. In addition to looking more professional, commercial grade string lights are built for permanent installations and intended to be left up year-round. Standard grade string lights you often find in a store do not last as long especially in locations with inclement weather. You can also plan on replacing them much more frequently if left up year round.
    Why choose a professional outdoor lighting contractor?
    Designing and installing outdoor lighting takes a lot of preparation and planning. Installing string lighting involves more than hanging a few strands and plugging them in. There are considerations like placement, visual appeal, the perfect length without extra wire, and most of all safety. You can tell the difference between a DIY string lighting installation and one that was installed by an experienced professional. An outdoor lighting expert will have in-depth knowledge of a variety of design and installation techniques. Including how to get the most out of the function of string lights as well as the beauty they can add.
    Can a dimmer switch be added to a string lighting installation?
    Yes, but there are certain things that must be considered before adding a dimmer switch to your string lighting system. For example the dimmer switch must be able to handle the wattage your system puts out. Our experienced designers and installers can guide you and consult on whether a dimmer switch is possible based on wattage issues and rating of the light strands.
    What is a guide wire?
    When you hear the term guide wire when talking about outdoor lighting it is usually in reference to overhead string lighting. A guide wire is simply a cable, usually made of stainless steel, that adds support for your string lighting strands. A guide wire is essential especially when doing more complicated designs like a zig-zag over a patio.
    Can the string lighting bulbs be LED?
    Absolutely. Even though the look of the bulb might seem like a classic electric bulb you can install LEDs. This is a perfect combination and offers you the elegant look of a bistro bulb, but with all the benefits of LED technology.

    Have Any More Questions?

    We’re here to help! Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you have about your string lighting.