Common Mistakes Hiring a Landscape Lighting Contractor

July 8, 2022

Hiring a landscape lighting contractor for your home or business is a big commitment. It can be hard to know who to trust and who will fulfill your landscape lighting vision. You want a contractor that remains committed even after installation is complete. How do you know who to avoid? A certified landscape lighting company is going to be accessible and expert in their field. Someone who does lighting on the side might give you a good discount that ends up being a huge headache later, and may even cost you more to set things right.

Here we’ll provide you with some common mistakes clients make when hiring a landscape lighting contractor.

You Don’t Have Specific Goals

It’s always best to have some vision of what you want to achieve with your landscape lighting before you approach a potential contractor. You want to ensure the prospective company can handle your landscape lighting wishes. Once you have an idea of your goals, there will be clarity and expectations present when you have your consultation, this will benefit both you and your landscape lighting contractor.

Relying on Price Only

So you’ve brainstormed on your landscape lighting goals, reached out to various lighting contractors, and you go with the cheapest quote. It’s tempting to choose a landscape lighting contractor that comes with an inexpensive price, and you may save some money initially. However, you run the risk of receiving low quality materials, service, and overall experience. Do not make this mistake. You do not want to invest your money into a lighting system that fails you within the year. Compare quotes, ask questions, and remember that you get what you pay for. 

Not Enough Research

Research is key when choosing your landscape lighting contractor. Spend time on the potential company’s website and Facebook page. Check out their project gallery, their business story, how long they’ve been installing landscape lighting dsigns, what products they use, warranties offered, and read a few of  their blogs. A reputable company will keep their online content updated regularly. Also visit the Better Business Bureau for any information that can help you choose the right lighting contractor. The BBB is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop marketplace trust for consumers.

Ignoring Landscape Lighting Contractor Customer Reviews

Client testimonials provide insight for prospective customers before they commit to a lighting contractor. Positive reviews establish credibility and competence for a business. Usually, clients will mention what type of lighting design and other specifics regarding the installation process, as well as customer service after the job is completed. A good tip when you begin your research is to compare negative and positive client reviews. If the company has as many negative reviews as they do positive reviews, this could be a red flag that demonstrates inconsistency with the quality of service they provide. Negative reviews are not always a deal breaker either. They allow you to see how the company responded and if the negative situation was corrected in a way that satisfied the customer. Be sure to read through reviews to learn why the customer was unhappy or why their project was a success story. 

Choosing a Company Who Does Not Specialize in Landscape Lighting

There’s nothing wrong with a “do it all” company, as long as they have design experts and contractors that specialize in landscape lighting. It can be difficult to determine if a company has the expertise you are looking for, so we recommend hiring a company whose sole purpose is landscape lighting design. They will have the knowledge to provide you with ideas, unique design options, and  can help you bring your vision to life. 

Not Sure If This Landscape Lighting Contractor is Insured

Put this on top of your priority list when hiring a landscape lighting contractor – Insurance! You should always choose a lighting contractor that is licensed and insured. If your potential contractor doesn’t have insurance, the financial burden of injury or property damage could fall on your shoulders. Insurance offers protection for both you and the contractor. Accidents are unpredictable and insurance protects you from the consequences of unintentional occurrences. When a company does not have insurance in place, you have to wonder if they are operating with current safety procedures, and if they will treat your property with care? 

Lack of Communication

Communication is vital when designing and working with your landscape lighting contractor. From the initial consultation, you should have someone that is the point of contact for you. This person should be knowledgeable, familiar with your project and readily available when you have questions. A direct contact you can rely on creates a level of trust that allows you to move forward with confidence. The last thing you want are misunderstandings and costly mistakes due to lack of communication. 

Accepting Poor Quality Products

As a homeowner or business owner, you want durable, high quality products used in your landscape lighting project. If a lighting contractor is showing you aluminum or plastic fixtures, this is certainly a red flag. Cheaper is never better when it comes to landscape lighting. You want to get as much life out of your investment as possible and if your contractor is installing poor quality fixtures, they may only last a year or so before you need to start replacing them. Copper, brass, and other high-grade products are ideal for outside lighting projects. These fixtures are made to withstand inclement weather and to keep your system looking its best for years to come. 

Landscape lighting projects are unique and tailored to each individual property. When you partner with the right lighting contractor, your project journey will be a positive, exciting experience from start to finish. Mobile Illumination’s attention to detail and solid knowledge of design shines above the rest. Click here and contact us today!

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