Deck Lighting – Is it time for an upgrade?

June 20, 2022

An expert lighting design can extend the use and pleasure of an outdoor deck, as well as increase safety and security. Deck lighting is multipurpose and is great for illuminating outdoor kitchens and grills, highlighting architectural features, and showcasing pools and fountains. As the sun sets, you have the perfect opportunity to relax under the night sky and enjoy dinner with your family. Don’t underestimate the potential of your deck. Does your deck lighting need an extra boost?

Spruce Up Your Deck Railings with Lights

A popular option is to install custom-designed fixtures on the railings of your deck. These vivid and durable fixtures can be customized to match the finish of your deck so that they’ll blend in during the day. At night, these stylish lights shine and create a serene environment, while providing visibility on the ground below. Another option for your deck railings are under-rail LED strips. LED flexible strip lights are bright, customizable, and easy to install. They offer a variety of color, brightness, and waterproofing options. 

Add Nighttime Safety with Post Lights

Post lights extend the enjoyment of your deck, plus they add value, safety, and security to your home. Post lights are designed to be hardwired to your deck. They are durable and weatherproof. Post lights are available as single-head and multi-head lights. Single-head designs take up less deck space, while multi-head models illuminate a larger surface area. Post lights come in a variety of finish options and are designed to withstand inclement weather, allowing them to look great for years to come. 

Create Style with Wall Lights and Sconces

Wall lights and sconces can provide both light and interest without overpowering your deck space. They can add accent lighting while delivering ample illumination. They’re ideal for outdoor kitchens and grills, providing ambient lighting for doorways, and illuminating passageways. Wall lights and sconces are a favorite for decks and patios. They come in single and multi-bulb configurations, making them easily customizable. They’re typically hardwired to a switch indoors, allowing you to turn them on before you go outside.

Increase Safety with Deck Stair Lighting

Properly illuminating steps can prevent falls and stumbles. Outdoor stair lighting is an essential safety component for all decks and patios. Tread lights fit right into the vertical part of your deck steps, called the riser, and focus light downward onto the step right below. Recessed stair lights offer subtle light for steps without being too distracting. Once installed, recessed stair lights are barely noticeable in the light of day. LED strip lights are another option. These strips can be added at any time because they have an adhesive backing that makes for easy placement. LED strips tuck discreetly beneath your stair treads, so you see the light, but not the source. Other options include motion activated, solar-powered, and battery-powered deck stair lighting.

Set the Mood with Pergola Lighting

Lighting your pergola provides illumination to the entire deck area from high above. There are many creative ways that this can be accomplished, no matter what your inspiration. A few options include draping bistro lights and string lights, lining the edges with rope lights, and hanging portable lanterns to create tranquility on beautiful summer evenings. 

Brighten Your Space in 2022 with these Deck Light Add-ons

Try these quick, inexpensive ways to bring light to your deck!

  • Paper lanterns
  • Torch lights
  • Globe and planter lights
  • Table torches and votives
  • Pillar candles
  • Chandelier
  • Decorative LED table lamps

Whether you’ve got a new deck and lighting design, or you think it’s time for an upgrade, your deck lighting is a fundamental aspect of your outdoor living space and enjoyment. As you can see, there are numerous ways to illuminate your deck space. Our expert designers know how to safely illuminate your deck area and draw attention to its key features. Let Mobile Illumination transform your space after dusk. Click here and contact us today!

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