Decorating For Valentine's Day

Decorating For Valentine’s Day

by Mobile Illumination


Although the exact origins of Valentine’s Day are vague, the holiday of love, cards, and gifts remains a staple in many cultures. In America, the middle of February marks a day to enjoy handmade cards and sweet notes and treats from loved ones. But what do all these sweet traditions have to do with the infamous Saint Valentine?

Saint Valentine

Throughout history, there have been many Saint Valentines. Some of these saints carry with them legendary tales of martyrdom and love; one of which was a Roman priest during the 3rd century. This Valentine was so committed to love and bringing people together, that he defied Claudius II’s ban of marriage for young men (who were thought to be better soldiers when unmarried). When Valentine’s secret performings of marriage were discovered, he was sentenced to death. Yet another Roman Valentine experienced the same dreadful end. As legend has it, this Valentine was imprisoned and while in jail, fell in love with a young girl who visited. Before his death, Valentine wrote her a letter signed “From Your Valentine.” And so the tradition of writing letters signed by earnest valentines persists today.

The New World and Valentine’s Day Cards

After the lifetimes of these Saint Valentines, Chaucer and Shakespeare romanticized the individuals and holiday, thus popularizing Valentine’s Day in England and Europe. Handmade paper cards and celebrating love became customary, eventually leading to the colonists bringing the holiday to the New World. With the industrial revolution, factories began mass producing Valentine’s Day cards, which proved to have a lasting presence in American culture. Now, each year kids look forward to giving and receiving these festive cards, brimming with color, hearts, and chocolates.

So how will you make the most of Valentine’s Day this year? Perhaps you’ll write your sweetheart a handwritten letter like one of the infamous saints, signing it “From Your Valentine.” Or maybe you’ll carefully choose a Hallmark card, with a specific appeal to your special someone’s sense of humor or romance. Whichever card you do choose to give, be sure to accompany it with a memorable activity. But what exactly makes for a perfectly romantic and unforgettable evening?

Valentine’s Day in LA

A big part of Valentine’s Day magic is spending time with loved ones while surrounded by festive décor and lighting. Creating the right atmosphere for your holiday is easier than it sounds, especially in Los Angeles. There are so many quiet, charming restaurants and cafés around town that seamlessly set the mood for intimate conversation and an overall lovely evening. You and your loved one will be sure to experience fun, smiles, and romance when visiting one of LA’s renowned restaurants and sitting beneath overhead café lights. For specific restaurant ideas, visit Time Out Los Angeles to find the perfect eatery for your Valentine’s Day.

Decorating for Valentine’s Day at Home

What if you have some serious chef tendencies and are planning to cook Valentine’s Day dinner at home? Or what if you’re too busy to cook or go out, so decide to get a heart-shaped pizza delivered? If so, there are endless ways to create your own Valentine’s Day ambiance and decorative touches at home. For instance, install overhang lights and tree wraps in your own garden, to recreate the perfect café patio setting. Nothing beats twinkling lights, starry nights, and the comfort of your own backyard. So if you need help decorating for Valentine’s Day, give us a call here at Mobile Illumination.

Wherever you do plan to spend your Valentine’s day and evening, there’re always countless ways to add to the magic of your holiday. Whether you hang lanterns in the backyard, make origami hearts, or stroll through the brightly lit LA streets, your Valentine’s Day will undoubtedly be bright and memorable.