Trimlight Select

Trimlight Select: A Year-Round Lighting Solution

by Mobile Illumination


Whether you’re a restaurant owner or hotel manager, lighting is a great way to add brightness to your business. With our professional installation of trimlight, achieving the perfect mood and look to attract potential customers is easier than ever. Our lighting experts will help you achieve any color combination your heart desires, with just a simple remote control or your smartphone. The lights can effortlessly be set to flash, automatically rotate through multiple colors, increase or decrease speed and brightness, and much more. With that sort of versatility, the color, rhythm, and celebration possibilities are endless!

Trimlight Select Color Changing

Just Right For Your Business

So how exactly do you translate this versatile product to your business space? Since Trimlight Select channels come in many different colors, finding a match to your décor and building color is a cinch. If you’re a restaurant owner, consider trimlight that gives a constant, inviting glow. You’ll catch the eyes of passersby with pops of color and soft twinkling lights. In addition, your outdoor seating area will take on a European café ambience, encouraging people to sit down, relax, and stay awhile. Trimlight Select is not only useful for restaurant owners. If you’re a hotel manager, homeowner, or run an apartment complex, Trimlight Select could be the perfect solution to ramping up the satisfaction and experience of those who pass by and traverse your building. Nothing says home sweet home quite like the warm, inviting glow of trimlight.

Trimlight LED Technology

Color Changing LED Technology

These color changing lights are great not only because they elevate the look of your building, but they’re also durable and can be altered to celebrate the various holidays throughout the year. For instance, you’ll be able to brighten up your building with washes of red and purple for Valentine’s Day and then easily go green for St. Patrick’s Day. On top of this convenience, Trimlight Select is also a sustainable option. The bulbs are LED, which last 10 times as long as conventional, incandescent bulbs and use 1/10th the energy. Furthermore, the Trimlight channels are constructed from 100% recyclable aluminum! If you’re worried about the energy you’re consuming with lighting, Trimlight Select is a great way to take advantage of low-waste LED technology.

Trimlight Select Eco Friendly

In the past, finding one product and installation to decorate your building for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Independence Day was nearly impossible. Now with Trimlight Select, every holiday can be customized, bright, and unforgettable-and all with the simple touch of a button! Now that calls for a celebration! So be sure to reach out to our team of lighting and décor experts for your next trimlight installation.

Trimlight Select Channels