FREE Landscape Lighting Night Demos

March 11, 2019
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We know that visualizing your unique home with landscape lighting isn’t an easy task. So to help with this predicament, we offer FREE week-long night demonstrations that allow you to experience the power of professional landscape lighting. Before investing in our services, you’ll be immersed in the radiance of lighting that beautifully highlights your home’s architecture and foliage. This, in turn, will equip you with confidence and certainty when moving forward with your outdoor lighting project.

Let Us Show You the Power of Landscape Lighting

With our full scale night demos, you’ll see just how transformative landscape lighting can be. Our lighting experts will install your demo with acute attention to detail, adjusting fixtures, placement, and brightness to perfect your vision and desires. We’ll accentuate the special aspects of your architecture and landscape, such as gorgeous wall textures, intricate columns, and colorful flowers. You, your family, and neighbors will witness your home’s natural beauty shine through to its full potential.

The Benefits of Professional Landscape Lighting

Professional landscape lighting offers benefits beyond just heightened aesthetics and increased property values. Yes, elegant and well-designed outdoor lighting gives your home unparalleled beauty, but it also adds safety and security to your space. Walking around your property in the dark can be challenging and even dangerous. With pathway lights and uplighting, you and your loved ones can navigate your exterior spaces with ease. Additionally, your home will be more secure, as potential thieves and criminals will be discouraged by your brightly lit property.

Before and After

Prior to making any financial commitment, night demos empower you to observe the stark difference of your home’s appearance before and after professional landscape lighting. Our quality designs combined with cutting-edge technology guarantee a reinvigorated exterior. Whether you’re glamming out your backyard, making your front driveway safer and more secure, or instilling your courtyard with calming elegance, you can see the results with our night demos.

It’s a Quick and Easy Process

Our easy and worry-free process guarantees your night demo runs smoothly and efficiently. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, our lighting professionals are available to assist you at every step. To begin, our technicians will set up a full-demo system that conforms to your one-of-a-kind home and style. You’ll enjoy the lights for a full week! If weather permits, we suggest spending nights outdoors stargazing, soaking in the jacuzzi, or conversing over mugs of hot cocoa. This will allow you to observe how your outdoor lights interact with your particular architecture, outdoor furniture, and plants. Plus, you’ll see just how functional landscape lighting can be. At the end of the week, our technicians will return to your property to remove the demo system, get your feedback, and discuss next steps. It’s that easy and effective!

Next Steps

After your week-long night demo, our goal is for you to feel certain about how landscape lighting impacts your home. If you decide to move ahead with a landscape lighting project, we’ll continue to guide you to bright, beautiful, and functional outdoor spaces.

Have Any More Questions?

We’re here to help! Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you have about your string lighting.