Importance of Landscape Lighting For Your Home

January 22, 2023

Designing the outside of your home is just as important as designing the inside. Landscape lighting has many benefits such as enhancing your curb appeal, upgrading the security of your property, increasing your home’s value, and creating safe, visible areas to navigate. However, the true importance of landscape lighting most homeowners experience from custom landscape lighting is having a stunning view of their home’s best features as well as an outdoor oasis that they can retreat to night after night.

Discover the advantages of exterior lighting and how every home can benefit from custom lighting techniques

Importance of Landscape Lighting for Home Appearance

Adding landscape lighting is an instant enhancement of your home’s appearance. Custom lighting creates depth and layers of illumination that allow your architectural features to transform. Even the most stunning home by day, loses its appeal after dark if there is no light source to accentuate its features. Outdoor lights, such as up-lighting, add a sense of drama to your nighttime landscape. Try up-lighting windows, walls, tree trunks, and other features for an elegant look and aesthetic feel.

Optimize Property Value

Elevating the appearance of your home naturally increases your curb appeal. Even a modest home benefits from a beautiful landscape lighting design! An expert designer will focus on your home’s unique features, draw attention to a well-manicured garden, emphasize the natural beauty of your surroundings, and illuminate your pathways. A residential landscape lighting system has the potential to increase the resale value of your home. It is not uncommon for home buyers to visit prospective properties after dark to see how the home looks and compares to other properties on the market. Investing in your property through exterior lighting and custom design is a wonderful way to add value to your property.

Importance of Landscape Lighting for Outdoor Living

Southern California is esteemed for its beautiful, pleasant weather year-round. The evenings are a real treasure, especially when relaxing on your patio or enjoying a meal in your outdoor kitchen. You love your outdoor space, and it only makes sense to extend its use! 

Cap lighting under your outdoor kitchen counters can add ambiance and the perfect amount of illumination. Cap lights placed under steps, in the risers, can provide a safe, visible pathway at night.

Downlighting installed on pergolas, pavilions, or gazebos can make the space more accommodating and welcoming. Mount lights in the eaves or beams inside your gazebo and use wide beam angles with low wattage bulbs to keep the brightness soft

Flood lights provide a large amount of illumination that brighten a patio, deck and other sitting areas. For these spots, be sure to mount fixtures at an angle greater than 45º, and at a height greater than 20 feet. Smaller floodlights can be positioned near the base of bushes and small trees in your yard, extending the view at night.

Increase Home Security

Importance of landscape lighting in Illuminating your home’s exterior cannot be overestimated. It decreases the likelihood of vandalism or burglary. Intruders look for dimly lit entrances and areas. A well lit property includes visible entry points like doors and windows, but also utility sheds and garages. The point is to eliminate dark areas and to protect your valuables. You can achieve this with spotlights and functional motion lights that enhance safety and security while looking elegant. Security lighting as part of your custom lighting design should be visually appealing. Security lights do not need to be bright and alarming to do their job. An expert designer will know how to integrate flood lights, spot lights, and motion sensors so that you get the most out of your landscape lighting without sacrificing aesthetics.

Importance of Landscape Lighting in Highlight Focal Points

What are your most favorite features of your home? Is it the hardscape elements, maybe it’s a courtyard or garden, is it your swimming pool, or your outdoor patio and kitchen? Landscape lighting highlights your favorite areas and allows you to choose the focal points.

Dramatic structures, like statues, should be highlighted from oblique angles to create shadows to emphasize depth and movement. Some people assume that most focal points can be illuminated head-on, but this can have a flat two-dimensional effect.  

Water features such as ponds, pools, and fountains look amazing after dark with the right lighting. Special fixtures can catch the subtle movements and ripples of water, creating a shimmering visual effect.

Your favorite trees can create a natural moonlight effect when you place a downturned fixture high above them, allowing the light to filter through the branches, mimicking soft moonlight. A good tip here is to hide the fixture and use a low-intensity bulb that will reduce glare, this will result in a realistic look and feel.

Create Safety with Visibility

Another benefit of landscape lighting is providing visibility and safety for your family and visitors on your property after dark. This might include entering and exiting your home, using the driveway, walking on pathways, or maneuvering stairs. Home exteriors are full of potential dangers and tripping hazards. Providing adequate lighting and visibility can prevent falls and other injuries. With landscape lighting, people can navigate your property with ease, making the most of your outdoor space.

Control the Scene

Your property may have multiple outdoor spaces that you enjoy for different reasons. A custom landscape lighting design can accommodate each area according to your preference. Your lighting system can be set up with different zones, all of which can be controlled with your smartphone. You can illuminate your entire outdoor space when you are hosting parties, then when it’s time for a quiet evening outside with the family, you can tone it down. Going out of town? No problem! Smart lighting allows you to turn lights on and off from almost anywhere and you can program your lighting according to your schedule, or to use with motion sensors, or any combination you prefer.

Installing Landscape Lighting is Affordable

Investing in a low voltage landscape lighting system has enormous value! The experiences that are created simply by extending your outdoor living space is priceless. When you hire our professionals at Mobile Illumination, we provide consultation, lighting design, installation, clean up, and maintenance. Click here to contact Mobile Illumination today to receive more information and a personalized quote for your outdoor lighting project.

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