Using Undercap Lighting Around Your Home

January 15, 2023

Outdoor living is that special part of our home that extends beyond the typical indoor space. Our homes are not just structures, they are sanctuaries. The property surrounding our home affects how we interact and feel while at home. Sometimes our beautiful hardscape features do not get the attention they deserve. If this is the case, try emphasizing them with undercap lighting. Undercap lighting helps to highlight your home’s special features while providing safety and security.

What is Undercap Lighting?

You may have heard of the term undercap lighting but never really understood what it implies. It is a specific technique where light fixtures are installed to shine down and illuminate the space beneath a structure, a wall, or bench. Undercap lighting provides safety, extends your outdoor living, and defines borders without being too bright and harsh. It can be used in a variety of places and because of their low placement, they are naturally protected from the elements.

Now that we’ve established that undercap lighting is an effective and attractive way to add ambient lighting to your hardscape features, let’s discuss where to install it.

Sitting Benches

Undercap lights are often called bench lights because this is a common place to see them. Sitting benches are typically situated near water features, in front of beautiful garden beds, and under trees. This type of lighting highlights gorgeous carpentry, stonework, or metalwork, showing off the benches’ artistry. When gathering with friends and family, an illuminated bench can prevent tripping hazards and falls.

Retaining Walls

Accent walls and retaining walls can also become a stunning focal point by adding undercap lights. Not only do they add increased dimension to the space, but undercap lights accentuate the attractive material elements of the wall too. Aside from aesthetics, safety is a great benefit here when adding undercap lighting. You don’t want your family or friends to step off of a four-foot retaining wall after dark! You can provide visibility and safety with undercap lights installed on your retaining walls, making it easy to see when walking at night. 

Undercap Lighting for Steps and Stairs

Most homes are equipped with custom steps and stairs outdoors. Undercap lighting can transform these ordinary stairs into gorgeous and appealing elements. There’s a softness and subtlety that lingers around your common areas when you install thoughtful outdoor lighting. Undercap lights can be installed on the vertical face of the step, allowing them to appear unaltered and functional in the daytime. After the sun sets, it illuminates each step, providing a great deal of safety by helping to eliminate safety hazards and stair-related injuries. 

Outdoor Kitchens

If you love cooking and grilling outdoors, you could benefit from installing undercap lights in your outdoor kitchen area. Outdoor dining is the best way to get together with family and friends during the evenings and undercap lighting can accent your kitchen. Fixtures can be installed under counter tops and appliances to provide extra light and safety for everyone. Since this lighting technique is designed to shine downward, the undercap lights highlight all the intricate details your outdoor kitchen has to offer. 

Undercap Lighting for Firepits

If you have a designated firepit, then surely you value cozy and relaxing evenings by the fire. Firepits are naturally beautiful focal points and by adding undercap lighting, you can create a dazzling halo effect around your firepit. These lights are especially effective for drawing attention to the craftsmanship and artistry of your firepit. Undercaps can be installed under the lip of the firepit to help illuminate the ground underneath. This improves the safety around the firepit by bringing attention to nearby tripping hazards and wood piles. A common concern is that the lights might clash with the fire, but undercap lighting illuminates downward in a perfect way that won’t disturb the natural light of the flames. In addition, undercap lighting illuminates the fire pit structure when there’s no fire, adding a serene glow on a dark night.

Professional Installation

Undercap lighting can be incorporated into most areas, even after construction. A professional lighting technician will be able to survey your hardscape to help you plan and create a functional lighting scheme. It’s important to consult with an experienced technician, especially when making changes to permanent outdoor features. 

If you are interested in redefining your outdoor space and sprucing up your hardscape features, don’t wait any longer! Learn more about undercap lighting by clicking here and speak with a professional designer from Mobile Illumination today!

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