Landscape Lighting Ideas for Spring

March 26, 2021
Jennifer Zdenek

Spring is right around the corner which means it’s the perfect time to treat your home with these beautiful landscape lighting ideas. The weather is warming up, spring gardens are in bloom, and it’s time to enjoy those outside areas of your home after dark. So why not take this opportunity to explore how landscape lighting can transform your outdoor living space?

5 Landscape Lighting Ideas for Spring that Will Make Your Home’s Common Areas Shine.

Patio and Decks

Enjoy many comfortable spring evenings with your family and friends by adding deck and patio lights. Deck and patio lighting create a relaxing mood and provide many hours of enjoyment after dusk. Deck lighting maximizes safety by illuminating steps, furniture, and potential tripping hazards. Customers have a vast variety of options. Choosing specific designs and lighting fixtures allow you to create a unique style that works best for your home. Consider low voltage lighting fixtures for your deck and patio lighting.

They are easy to install, safe to use, and extremely versatile. You may also like automated, fully dimmable lighting that can be controlled with your smart device. From string lighting to downlighting, you can brighten and dim your lights to create the perfect deck and patio ambience.

Landscape Lighting Ideas for Gardens

You’ve spent hours and energy creating your perfect spring garden. Why stop there? Boost your ornate garden up a notch by adding landscape lighting that will highlight your garden’s distinctive features. Flower beds, sitting areas, ponds, and fountains, are all special areas that truly transform with the addition of these landscape lighting ideas.

After dark, draw attention to your foliage simply by installing some backlighting to emphasize shadows and movement. Install floating pond lights to create the effect of moonlight on the water’s surface. The addition of up-lights to your fountain will add drama and sparkling water droplets for a mesmerizing feature.

Solar powered lights are useful for lighting your garden’s pathways, welcoming your guests to enjoy a safe evening stroll. Click here to read further about various landscape lighting techniques.

Pergolas & Arbors

Today many homeowners feature arbors or pergolas within their landscape. These structures make attractive focal points, often with climbing plants and intricate vining as well as bench seating. With the proper lighting to illuminate their delicate architectural features, arbors and pergolas become enchanting after dark and add an inviting element to your spring evenings.

A useful lighting choice here is downlighting, which creates a soft, natural moonlighting effect. Another popular and festive lighting choice is bistro lighting (string lighting). Bistro lighting adds a touch of elegance and ambience, while providing soft functional lighting to keep your family and friends safe.

Pathways and Walkways

Spring weather encourages us to spend more time outside, especially around the home. Lighting our walkways and pathways adds visibility and warmth to highlight and define different aspects of these areas. Pathway and walkway lighting play an important role and should be practical and engaging. Pathway lights increase visibility, create boundaries, and elevate the atmosphere of your outdoor space. With landscape lighting ideas like these there are so many possibilities when it comes to pathway lighting. Whether your home is modern or Victorian, you can find the perfect light fixtures to compliment your space. Placement and brightness are important aspects of functionality and will depend on your personal preference.

Outdoor Kitchens

Cooking outdoors is a refreshing experience, allowing us to take advantage of nice weather and our cozy outdoor living areas. Although, cooking can be challenging after the sun goes down, there are many options to brighten your kitchen area. Whether you are preparing dinner in your expansive outdoor kitchen or barbequing on your favorite grill, having the proper lighting is essential to the safety of you and your guests.

Functional lighting is the key! Lighting from above is the best way to illuminate your food prep space and cooking areas. Other options include countertop lighting, bistro lighting, ornamental pendant lighting, seat wall lighting, and colored LED lighting. The right lighting design can dramatically change your dining experience and help set the scene for a memorable evening.

Are you interested in enhancing your spring landscape and making your space more enjoyable or functional at night with some of the landscape lighting ideas? Our experienced landscape lighting team can illuminate your space based on your specific needs. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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