Landscape Lighting Techniques – Part 2

February 17, 2021

The new year brings fresh opportunities and a spirit of revitalization. You can extend new life to your home with thoughtfully planned landscape lighting techniques. Inspired to add brilliance and warmth to your outdoor space by highlighting your home’s unique architectural features? Or maybe it’s time to upgrade and personalize your outdoor lightscape. No matter what your inspiration, we understand the goal is to enjoy your home to its fullest.

Here is Part 2 of our Landscape Lighting Techniques

If you missed part 1 of our landscape lighting techniques you can read it here.

Spread Lighting

Spread lighting, sometimes referred to as diffused lighting, illuminates a wide area using low-level lighting. Spread lights cast softly diffused illumination on areas such as patios, decks, driveways, flower beds and shrubbery. Spread lighting adds a decorative element and when combined in a design theme, compliments other outdoor lighting components.

Up-lighting Techniques

When using up-lighting, direction is the key. Landscape lights are mounted at ground level to shine the light upward, highlighting specific focal points of your home. Up-lighting can emphasize boundaries of open areas, add depth to flat or textured surfaces, and extend outdoor brightness for added security. Create a little drama using up-lighting in your landscape.


Shadowing is similar to Silhouetting, but instead the spotlight is placed in front of the object of interest with an adjacent wall behind. Dramatic shadows are magnified and projected as a backdrop, creating movement and allure. Use this method of lighting to transform delicate foliage into intriguing shapes that appear to dance around when a breeze is present.

Cross Lighting Techniques

Cross lighting is another shadowy lighting technique that achieves a magnificent effect using horizontally positioned light beams from two or more sides of your focal point. When placed precisely, cross lighting produces an illusion of depth and texture from varying perspectives.

Step Lighting

Step lighting is an important application for safety and function. Step lighting uses small, shielded fixtures to cast a soft, glare free light where steps are used to access your home. The lights are gently scattered, illuminating the entirety of the staired path. This lighting technique can accent and enhance the exterior of your home while allowing guests and family to clearly see each step along the way.

For those readers excited about transforming your home and wondering where to place your landscape lighting, here’s a recap of the lighting techniques we discussed and their best placement around your home:

  1. Spread Lighting – on the ground, or inside a landscape bed, illuminating your areas of interest.
  2. Up-lighting – low at the base, ground, or buried.
  3. Shadowing – low, in front of your specific feature, facing a backdrop.
  4. Cross Lighting – on two or more sides of your focal point.
  5. Step Lighting – built into the risers, gently scattered, shielded to cast light downward.

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