Last-Minute Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

December 5, 2022

Christmas is only weeks away. If you need to incorporate some last-minute outdoor holiday lighting ideas, now’s the time to do it! Here are a few bright ideas for your outdoor lighting before Christmas arrives. Of course, your other option is hiring professional designers to prepare your home for the holidays. The holiday season is meant for celebrating family and cherishing special moments, not stressing over your Christmas light installation.

Pre-Lit Garlands and Wreaths are Great Last-minute Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

These last-minute outdoor holiday lighting ideas save time. Pre-lit outdoor Christmas wreaths and garlands are stylish, made from weather-resistant materials, and feature UV-treated foliage for lasting vibrance. Typically, pre-lit greenery is wired with either warm white or multicolored string lights and come in various lengths and diameters. Whether you prefer a soft glow similar to candlelight or a festive display with multicolor lighting, pre-lit garlands and wreaths provide decorating flexibility. 

Festive Light Spheres

Light spheres create a gorgeous scene! With many colors and options to choose from, you can personalize your space easily. Light spheres can be battery-operated or plugged into an outlet. Light sphere display options include hanging from tree branches, placed on top of vases, used as a chandelier above an outdoor dining area, and as a table centerpiece. These festive balls can be used exclusively or incorporated into your Christmas light display theme.

Merry Net Lights

Net lights are simple to use and add holiday charm to your landscape. Net lights are fantastic for lighting a large area in a snap! Net lights are string lights that have been connected to form a grid, which can easily cover the exterior of bushes, hedges, and tree trunks and are one of the easiest ways to light greenery for the holidays. Typically, net lights use LED bulbs making them durable and energy efficient. Net lights provide quick, uniform coverage for your outdoor greenery that will last all season.

Outdoor LED Christmas Tree

The first piece of advice we can offer is to illuminate the walkway to your place of business. Providing a clear direct path leading patrons to your establishment increases safety and adds curb appeal. A feeling of comfort and excitement while entering your business can help shape customers’ overall experience. Second, be sure your business is noticeable from the road. Some businesses are located prominently, while others are tucked away. Visibility plays a huge role in acquiring potential customers and the holidays are a great way to boldly draw attention. Third, don’t be afraid of color! Yes, it’s the holidays and it only makes sense to decorate with festive colors. However, some business owners shy away from color because they’re not sure about placement and strategy. A splash of colored lights for a commercial property can elevate its curb appeal while spreading holiday cheer. Finally, accompany your holiday light display with accessories and Christmas music. Providing Christmas music and décor such as presents, ornaments, nutcrackers, Christmas trees, deer, sleighs, and wreaths, can increase foot traffic and boost customer satisfaction.

Brick-And-Mortar Retail Is Bouncing Back

Retailers have even more reason to showcase their businesses with holiday lighting. State of Consumer Behavior 2021 Report tells us that customers still prefer the experience of shopping at physical stores because they like to see and feel products, 46% of respondents said they prefer to shop in person rather than online. 61.4% of respondents said that they’d spend more money at a business that provides a positive experience and shop there more frequently. Knowing that holiday lights can lift spirits and boost moods, it’s an effective way to spark happiness and joy while serving your patrons.

Increase Staff Morale

Commercial holiday lighting does wonders for your business inside and out. Customers love it and yes, your staff loves it too!  Holiday décor and lighting can spread cheer to your employees making your business a happier workplace. Happier employees translate into happier, satisfied customers.

After The Season’s Over

When the holidays have come and gone, the task of Christmas light removal is not something most business owners look forward to. For us, it’s like second nature! When you hire a professional lighting company, you’re paying for hard work too! Not only does it require time and energy to illuminate your business, but it can feel like a whole other project when it’s time to take down your lights. Partnering with Mobile illumination includes design, installation, maintenance, removal, and storage. 

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