Lighting Your Commercial Interior Space

November 13, 2018
Christmas, Holidays

When it comes to holiday lighting, there is more to consider than just how the exterior of your commercial building is lit. For businesses that have a grand foyer or for larger businesses, such as shopping malls and hospitals, lighting the interior is just as important. There are several ways that you can create the ultimate holiday atmosphere inside, with just the right lights and décor.

Pre-Designed Themes

For time tested and effortless decorating, you can choose a pre-designed theme. For instance, our Chic Champagne décor collection features white lights and decorative soft hues of platinum, silver, pearl, and warm gold. This collection is great for a more subdued look in a doctor’s office or hospital, while also providing an elegant, upscale feel for luxury hotels and resorts. Another of our classic Christmas themes features red ribbons and ornaments on green wreaths and trees. This collection is perfect for giving shopping malls and retail locations the ultimate festive look. When you hire a professional lighting company, you can easily incorporate a predesigned theme into your interior space. Plus, you won’t have to worry about installing or taking the pieces down yourself.

Commercial Interior Lighting

Indoor lighting schemes include lights, garlands, trees, and wreaths. Bows, ribbons, and strands of beads are then added to help create a finished look. Instead of shopping for your décor pieces at local department and discount stores, consider getting them from professional holiday interior designers. You won’t have to worry about each piece matching, and you can forego the stress of installing and removing the decorations yourself.

Complement Your Business’s Décor

Sometimes, a predesigned theme won’t fit your exact needs. You may want a holiday lighting theme that combines aspects from several styles, and this can be tricky to do on your own. Professional décor designers can help you create a décor collection that incorporates all the elements you want while ensuring that each piece complements your business’s décor and design theme. Remember, your holiday décor shouldn’t clash with your office. The best indoor lighting and decoration concepts work with your décor to create a beautiful, eye-catching look.

Commercial Interior Lighting

Lighting Your Business Year-Round

You may decide that you want to keep some lighting elements throughout the year. White lights on indoor trees can create a beautiful look for your building’s lobby or entryway. Lighting around reception desks can also create a striking first impression. Retails stores can use lighting to create merchandising concepts that highlight products that are new or featured. If you want to use decorative lighting in your business year-round, but you aren’t sure what would be best for your décor, talk to a professional lighting expert who can help guide you through the decision-making process.

Hire Lighting Professionals

Professional holiday lights aren’t just for the outside. When you want to create a festive holiday atmosphere in your building, consider alternatives to designing everything yourself. You have enough to worry about running your company; leave the decorating to professionals who have the time and experience to create lighting concepts that your customers will appreciate. Talk to your design consultants about lighting concepts that you can use in your business year-round, so your offices and stores always have a warm, inviting, and vibrant look.

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