Holiday Lighting Design

Living Life Through Light

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Light is the ultimate medium of experience.

It marks the progress of our days and our lives.
The first candle on our first birthday cake.
The first 4th of July fireworks show.
That 10th anniversary trip under the hot lights of Paris.
All the December evenings watching the lights twinkle around the Christmas tree.

India Festival of Lights

Light brings people together.

Wherever there is light, there are people gathering. Like in India, where every Autumn, millions gather along the Ganges to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Source:  McKay Savage

Kobe IlluminarieLike the Kobe Luminarie in Japan, where every December, thousands watch as Light and Art converge tocreate cupolas out of the Italian Renaissance…palaces out of the Arabian Nights.

Source: Bert Kimura

Like in Berlin, Germany, where every October, people watch their city landmarks,
their Brandenburg Gate, their Cathedral, and their TV Tower transformed by millions of light bulbs
designed and arranged by artists from all over the globe that draw the attention of huge crowds.

Like the people of Harbin, China, who brave the Winter nights to watch beams of light fill massive ice sculptures with warmth and life.

Harbin Ice Festival

Source: La Priz

Light is inspiration.

Think about Michelangelo’s vivid colors splashed across the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
Think about Edison’s first light bulb.
Think about that first picture of the Earth from space.

The Grove Christmas Tree

Light brings buzz.

Businesses know this, which is why they create public spectacles drawing the attention of crowds everywhere. Like the Grove in Los Angeles, where Mobile Illumination’s professional Christmas lighting installation crew decorated the property with over 400,000 twinkling lights.

Source: Josua

Bevery Hills Rodeo DriveLike the City of the Beverly Hills that sprinkles 200,000 holiday lights all over its famous Rodeo Drive and surrounding areas that attracts thousands of tourists and locals.

Like Paramount/DreamWorks wrapping a 500-foot pyramid in Las Vegas, Nevada with a 100,000 square foot image of Optimus Prime to announce the arrival of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, a movie that made over 836 million at the box office that summer.

Yes, and of course this last spectacle happened in Vegas, a city built from lights. And it is more than coincidence that people flock to places like this. We like the Vegas Strip and Times Square because we all like our parties, our celebrations, and our holidays to be well lighted spectacles.

We, at Mobile Illumination know that light and lighting is not simply a matter of installation
but creating that enchanting destination, that living, brilliant, luminescent gathering spot
where Christmas memories with friends and family are forever made and made again.

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