Make Your Nights Starry and Bright

June 28, 2018

Have you ever dreamt of bringing the magic and splendor of the stars inside your home? Well you’re in luck! At Mobile Illumination we specialize in bringing the outdoors inside with Fiber Optic Starfield Ceilings. With this cutting-edge lighting technology, we transform ordinary rooms into out-of-this-world experiences. So how exactly do we accomplish these extraordinary transformations?

Fiber Optics 101

Fiber Optic Starfields make a huge impact with very little. Fiber optics are long, thin strands of acrylic fibers that carry light. They are flexible, transparent, and come in different sizes to mimic the varying stars in the night sky. Bundled in sets of 50-75 strands, fiber optics can transmit light over long distances without a drop in brightness.

In addition to being flexible and durable, fiber optic cables are safe and economical. Fiber optics use minimal electrical energy, so you don’t have to worry about electrical maintenance or hazards. This also means that there will be little to no effect on your utility bills.

Customizable Ceilings

When we install a Fiber Optic Starfield Ceiling, each system comes with an LED Illuminator – the brain of the operation. With the Illuminator, you can customize the color and frequency of your ceiling’s lights. For instance if you’d like yellow lights that resemble the twinkling of the stars in the night sky, you merely need to adjust the settings on your Illuminator. Android and IOS app-controlled options are also available, so changing settings is even easier!

Where To Install Starfields

Starfields can be a priceless addition to many rooms. Below are some of the most common places to install Fiber Optic Starfield Ceilings. The result is always brighter and more beautiful rooms, homes, and experiences.

Master Baths

After a long day at the office, what better way to unwind than with a warm bath beneath an amazing Starfield Ceiling? Fiber Optics will turn your master bath into a relaxing and picturesque oasis, great for ultimate relaxation at the day’s end.

Home Theatres

With a twinkling ceiling, you’ll be wowed and dazzled by all your movie, television, and gaming experiences. Whether you’re having a movie night with friends or watching the family’s favorite sitcom, your viewing experiences will be incredibly entertaining and pleasant.

Kids Rooms

With Starfield Ceilings, kids will feel like they’re in a mythical wonderland each night. Beneath twinkling “stars,” bedtime stories will take on a whole new meaning. Playing in a starlit environment will get your their imaginations running, making for more fun and magic before sleep.

Master Bedrooms

From relaxing evenings to romantic nights, Starfield ceilings add ambience, awe, and elegance to your bedroom. Fiber Optic lights make magical nights with your sweetie and relaxing evenings with a book that much more enjoyable.

Game Rooms

Game time will feel even more fun and memorable when playing beneath a “starry sky.” From ping pong and pool to video and board games, you, family, and friends will take your gaming to the next level with a bright and beautiful Starfield ceiling.

Let Us Help Brighten Your Home

If you’d like to get the ball rolling on your Starfield ceilings, give us a call for a consultation. We’ll help you transform your home into an unforgettable, star-lit wonderland.

Have Any More Questions?

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