Our Top Five Classic Hollywood Christmas Movies

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At Mobile Illumination, we’re not just Christmas lighting experts, we’re lovers of all things Christmas. And that includes cherished Christmas movies. There’s nothing quite like gathering around a warm fire and a twinkling tree with friends and family and watching one of these Christmas classics together. Here is a list of our top five favorites.

5. Die Hard

Although it’s not your typical bright and cheery Christmas movie, Die Hard provides great action and adventure. In this story of a tough, wise cracking cop trying to win back his wife, Bruce Willis plays John McClane, a New York cop who goes to California for her Christmas party. Suddenly everything changes when a group of terrorists, fully armed with guns and explosives, take over the building they’re in. Now, the only one who can stop them is McClane, and he’s not a man to mess with during the holidays or any other time.

4. Home Alone

At first, when his large family rushes off on a Christmas vacation and accidentally leaves him behind, eight-year-old Kevin McCallister is pleased. He’s finally able to do all the things his parents forbid, including sledding down the stairs, watching late night TV gangster movies and gorging himself on junk food. But while Kevin is home all alone, two bumbling burglars set their sites on his house, and that’s when the real fun begins. Kevin sets up a hilarious array of booby traps, ranging from string-suspended swinging paint cans to a door-activated blowtorch, and instead of decking the halls, begins decking the burglars.

3. A Christmas Story

Set in a small town in the 1940’s, this beloved Christmas tale features a young boy named Ralphie who wants only one thing for Christmas – an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-Shot Lightning Loader Range Model Air Rifle. Try as he might however to convince his parents to allow him to have one, he’s always met with the same response: “You’ll put your eye out!” Ralphie’s relentless struggle for the gift plays out along many other amusing subplots involving a tongue-on-a-frozen-pole triple-dog dare, a faceoff with the local bully, and the infamous fishnet stocking-ed leg lamp.

2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

As America’s most dedicated dad, disaster-prone Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) is determined to create “the most fun-filled old-fashioned family Christmas ever” for his somewhat dysfunctional family. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when his redneck relatives show up uninvited. This hilarious comedy features non-stop sight gags and one-liners, including our personal favorite scene involving an over-the-top Christmas lighting display that shows exactly why you should leave your Christmas lighting to the pros at Mobile Illumination.

1. It’s A Wonderful Life

This heartwarming Christmas movie portrays humanity at its best. In a bittersweet post-war tale about the bleak life of a small town, building-and-loan manager, George Bailey (James Stewart) struggles against a greedy, evil tycoon-banker Mr. Potter. After initially contemplating suicide, George comes to recognize his life as truly rich and wonderful when a guardian angel allows him to see what the world would have been like if he’d never born. The love and support shown by his family and the people of Bedford Falls reminds us that “no man is poor who has friends,” and makes this an all-time Christmas classic.

That’s our Top Five Films for the holidays. Everyone has his or her own favorite, and we’re sure you’re no exception. Whatever it may be, why not take time out to watch it again this holiday season? While you’re enjoying your popcorn, maybe save a bit to string for the tree, too.

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