Outdoor Audio for Outdoor Living

May 30, 2021

Create a space that appeals to all your senses! When you partner your landscape lighting design with a high-quality outdoor audio for outdoor living, you create the ultimate outdoor experience. Quality weatherproof outdoor sound systems don’t have to involve complicated wiring and expensive consoles.

At Mobile Illumination we offer the Sonarray system that combines satellite speakers, subwoofers, and an amplifier – all delivering incredible sound quality and sound coverage!

A superior outdoor audio system is the first step

We want to hear about your home entertainment dreams so our expert team can evaluate your outdoor space and create a custom design. Our job is to maximize your outdoor audio performance with the best installation to fit your needs.

Outdoor pool

If your outdoor pool is the center of attention, poolside speakers, paired with overhead string lighting, will provide you with hours of outdoor enjoyment. Enhance your pool parties or casual swimming with the music of your choice. The right poolside speakers will be durable and long lasting. For a subtle approach, there are a variety of speakers to choose from that are designed to blend in with your natural landscape.

Patio hangout

The patio is a hotspot for family hangouts, parties, celebrations, and barbeques. For this reason, patios are popular choices for speaker installations and for outdoor lighting. There are speakers specifically designed for patios that produce excellent sound output providing hours of entertainment right outside your backdoor. Patio speakers are designed to withstand most weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.

Speak with an expert about outdoor audio for outdoor living

Speakers vary in quality and function. For this reason, it’s important to speak with an expert when designing your outdoor audio experience because specific speakers are suitable for different areas, and they all require specialized installation. Mobile Illumination’s expert team can seamlessly integrate your favorite music outside. We welcome your questions in helping you choose the best outdoor audio for outdoor living speaker system to provide years of high-quality audio. Contact us today!

Here Are Some Things to Consider When Planning Your Outdoor Audio Installation:

  • What type of speakers do you want? Do you need powerful bass speakers for your pool parties? Or softer speakers for soothing music while gardening or lounging?
  • Do you want your speakers to be visible or camouflaged into your landscape?
  • Where will you locate your speakers? Speakers will produce variations in sound quality depending on their placement around your outdoor space.

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Have Any More Questions?

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