Outdoor String Lighting for Restaurants

February 25, 2023

Layers of light play an important role in setting a restaurant’s mood. Lighting conveys notions, like expectations about quality of food and service and the presence of specific themes. Plus, lighting guides the eye to architectural features. If you are searching for outdoor lighting that creates a wonderful dining experience for your guests, then consider adding string lighting for restaurants (also known as bistro lights). Professional outdoor string lights leave a lasting impression and can be changed according to your theme.

Keep reading to learn how outdoor string lights can spruce up your outdoor dining. 

Attract and Retain Customers

Every restaurant wants their patrons to enjoy the food and to stick around for a few drinks and dessert. Outdoor string lights can make all of the difference for your guests and how comfortable they feel in your environment. Beautiful, stylish string lighting can help to set your establishment apart from your competitors and keep your customers coming back while bringing in new customers. Every restaurant strives to create a unique and inviting atmosphere for guests to eat, drink, and socialize after sunset. String lights allow you to custom design your space according to shape, size, style, and theme. Aesthetically, string lights are one of the simplest applications to create a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Special Events

Many restaurants and cafes play host to guests’ special events and gatherings. During these social events, string lights create a particular mood and atmosphere. String lights add a beautiful and elegant glow for wedding receptions and anniversary parties. A feeling of fun and festivity can be accomplished with string lights for birthday parties and baby showers. Cooking classes, wine and beer tasting, and open mic nights are a few examples where string lights can add functional lighting and ambiance. 

Versatility and Function

Outdoor string lighting offers many benefits for your restaurant. They offer functional lighting for your customers, such as reading light for the menus and navigating your outdoor space. Low voltage LED string lights offer energy savings for your business, this is essential for many restaurant owners. High-quality, commercial string lights will withstand the elements, so you can feel confident knowing that your investment is protected. Adding a dimmer to your outdoor string lights makes them even more versatile and accommodating, enabling brightness to be adjusted. LED bulbs can even change colors to match with different holidays or themed events.

Choosing the Right String Lights for Restaurants

String style and bulb selection are important decisions. There are a variety of string options and bulb shapes and styles to choose from that can seamlessly convey your restaurant’s mood and theme. 

Edison-style vintage bulbs are currently popular among many cafes. These bulbs are ideal for mood rather than radiance because their lower color temperature produces a soft orange light and are ideal for areas where you want guests to relax. LED festoon globe lights create a welcoming atmosphere when roped around a dining or seating area. The bulbs come in a globe shape and are minimalist in style and design, while adding the right amount of elegance to any outdoor area. Outdoor fairy string lights extend beyond illuminating the area. Fairy lights can be installed around tree trunks and other focal points, adding an enchanting and alluring feature to your outdoor restaurant dining. 

Some of the hottest outdoor dining spots use a combination of string lights to deliver a marvelous visual experience. Just be sure the outdoor string lights you choose are made to withstand wet conditions and cold weather. Commercial grade string lights are for long-term or permanent installations and will stand up to the elements throughout the years.

Maximize Your Outdoor Space with String Lighting for Restaurants

One of the best advantages of outdoor string lights is maximizing your business. If you have an outdoor area you want to utilize it to its fullest potential, simply add string lighting and patrons will come! Have you ever noticed while waiting to be seated at a popular restaurant, that all the patio seating is filled first?  Guests love to dine outside. For many couples there are few things more romantic than dining outside under the stars. Even the smallest outdoor spaces can be transformed into charming dining areas with the right string lighting.

Wide Range of Style and Options

The adaptability of outdoor string lighting for restaurants to be personalized according to your space, makes them ideal for all types of outdoor patios and bars. Endless design patterns and configurations can be achieved, all you need is your imagination and a great design! Mini lights, bistro, and firefly are some varieties of string lights that can achieve a lot according to your design. Some themes you can achieve include a rustic, vintage look, a chic outdoor affair, traditional romantic charm, or an urban industrial feel. All of these themes can be accomplished with string lighting illumination. The flexibility of custom string lighting allows you to properly illuminate different event functions of different sizes. Whereas an affixed spotlight shining down onto tables can often limit your options. Click here to discover the range of string lighting options from Mobile Illumination.

First impressions are important for any dining establishment. If you are looking for an upgrade and want to stand out from the crowd, consider adding outdoor string lighting to your restaurant. The experts at Mobile Illumination can create an atmosphere that sets your restaurant patio apart from others while delivering energy saving benefits. Click here and call us today!

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