Prepare Your Home’s Exterior for Spring

March 18, 2019
Landscape, Outdoor Audio, Year - Round

On March 20th, the sun stood directly above the equator, marking the arrival of spring. Our days are now becoming longer than our nights, as the aroma of blooming flowers fills the air. So join us in preparing for spring’s ushering in of sunshine, chirping birds, and greenery. Through simple Landscape Lighting, décor, and stellar Outdoor Audio, your home’s exterior will delight and entertain all spring long.

Highlight Architecture

In the winter, we spend so much time indoors that we start to forget about our home’s exterior. The truth is, your property’s exterior is where the magic happens. It is what you see every time you pull into the driveway and it’s what wows your guests and neighbors. As we greet spring, take a moment to reevaluate your home’s unique architecture and exterior form. Take note of features you’d like to accentuate with landscape lighting, such as columns, doors, and wall textures. By shining light on your property’s unique qualities, your home will make a stunning first impression. Plus, you’ll find that spending time in your backyard, courtyard, or patio is even more beautiful and enjoyable.

Accentuate Lush Foliage

It’s always so exciting when you step into your garden and see the flowers waking from their winter slumber. Spring is when your backyard comes alive. It’s the season of lush vegetation and of butterflies emerging from their cocoons. Make the most of your bustling garden with strategic outdoor lights. With the right fixtures, placement, and brightness, landscape lighting will highlight your wonderful variety of foliage. The alluring colors, textures, forms, and fragrances that surround your home will dazzle day and night.

Safety First

Being outside can pose tripping and falling hazards, especially when it’s dark outside. One of our favorite aspects of landscape lighting is its ability to increase safety for you and your loved ones. In the warmer spring and summer months, you and the kiddos will be spending a lot more time outdoors. Be sure to light your pathways and steps to avoid nasty scrapes and falls, especially during play time, barbeques, and parties. We all know accidents happen, but sufficient lighting decreases their likelihood and the need to buy more Band-Aids.

Outdoor Furniture & Décor

Tie your home’s style and lighting design together with the right furniture and décor. In addition to aesthetics, consider comfort and practicality. For instance, if you have an outdoor fire pit, consider comfy chairs that allow all to sit up right and chat the night away. Or if you have a modern pool (with bistro lights installed above!) try chic lounge chairs. You’ll be able to seamlessly alternate from swimming to lounging. No matter what style you’re going for, your furniture and décor will help make your spring unforgettable.

A Rockin’ Audio System

Last, but not least, a quality outdoor audio system will make all the difference. Our Sonance Audio System is designed and built with incredible sound quality, coverage, and construction. As you pass the time outside with family and friends, you can connect audio wirelessly and stream music. So this spring, put a playlist of your favorite tunes together and make your time spent outdoors even more pleasurable.

Free Lighting Demos

Need assistance in designing an outdoor lighting system that conforms to your specific style, architecture, and landscape? We’ll set up a Free Night Demo so you can experience just how transformative expert landscape lighting can be. And at the same time, we’ll also perform an obligation-free Outdoor Audio demo. Gorgeous lighting and out of this world audio? Yes please!

Have Any More Questions?

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