Transform Your Event With Lighting

January 27, 2020

Sometimes you spend months, maybe even an entire year or more, planning an event. Whether it’s your big wedding day, birthday party, or even just a little get together, event planning can be a lot of work. From selecting the right foods and drinks to serve, to choosing the perfect party decorations, to finding the right venue, there are a lot of pieces when planning any type of event. Sometimes one thing that is missed and forgotten about is lighting. Lighting can be everything, especially if your party will be held outdoors in the evening. Lighting can set the mood and tone of your event and can even be all the decorations you need. Below are a few lighting options that can enhance your next event.

1. Candles

Not only do candles smell good, but they provide a romantic vibe. Candles work for romantic dinners and for almost any wedding and party theme. Bunch together a handful of candles on each tabletop to create elegant centerpieces, float them in water, or place them in lanterns to be hung from tree branches.

2. String or Bistro Lights

String and bistro lights are such a versatile lighting option and give off just the right amount of light for your event. Hang the string lights across the ceiling of an indoor venue or across an outdoor canopy to give your event the right amount of elegance. Guests will feel like they’re under a bed of twinkling stars all evening long. 

3. Lanterns

Lanterns provide a warm glow over your event and create a beautiful atmosphere. Floating paper lanterns are a fun and colorful way to spice up your event, or for a more subtle approach, jewel-toned lanterns combined with cool uplighting will provide a soft glow. 

4. Projections

Give your event that one-of-a-kind feel with a pattern projected across the ceiling or floor. Feel like you’re dancing under the stars with moon and star projections, or highlight your monogram by projecting it on the surrounding walls. 

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