Use Your Battery-Operated Christmas Lights All Year Long

December 12, 2018
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Christmas lights are one of the brightest and most celebratory parts of the winter holidays. When the holiday season ends, most people pack up their lights, exchange their holiday smiles for begrudging ones, and patiently await the next year’s festivities. But what many people may not realize is that Christmas lights can still be used throughout the rest of the year. Doing so maintains an oh-so festive holiday spirit, even when the holiday in question isn’t Christmas. Because, as I’m sure you know, every holiday (and day for that matter!) deserves the brightness, cheer, and celebration that Christmas unfailingly receives. So this year try something wild and leave your Christmas lights installed, plugged in, and ready to light the way all year round. Need some more persuasion? Here are a few ideas on how your holiday lights can brighten your home throughout the rest of the year.

Happy (Other) Holidays

Many Christmas light setups can easily be used for holidays other than Christmas. This is especially true with battery-operated Christmas lights. Even if all your Christmas lights are red, white, and green, you can easily swap out your lights to match any holiday and, most importantly, any holiday color palette. Green and white for St. Patrick’s Day, pink for Valentine’s Day, and orange for Halloween are easily achievable. No matter the holiday, your battery-operated lights will lead the way to a bright and memorable celebration.

It’s Party Time

In addition to the traditional holidays we all celebrate, there will also be special occasions unique to you and your family where bright lights can add to the festive atmosphere. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday, graduation, baby shower, or simple gathering, holiday lights will add to the festivities and fun. Many times, the areas you wish to light and decorate for these types of celebrations don’t lend well to the use of extension cords. Battery operated lights are the perfect solution to this predicament and will inevitably result in a good time had by all.

Welcoming Ambiance

While lots of holiday lights are set up outdoors, don’t forget about the inside of your house! White and/or colored lights can brighten up many different areas within your home, from a stairwell bannister, to a mantelpiece, to a doorway, to a bed frame. And because these lights are softer and more spread out than fluorescent ceiling lights, they will light your home with a welcoming and cheerful ambiance.

Safety First

Battery-operated Christmas lights offer an additional benefit besides interchangeable bulbs: they have no electrical cords to plug in. While many lights are hung on strands, those strands are rarely in an area where they can be plugged in. Electric cords create a significant tripping hazard as well as a potential electricity danger. Using battery-operated lights precludes the need for long, safety-hindering cords that people can trip over. If you want to light an area that gets wet often, like a pool deck or garden, battery operated lights will help prevent electric shock. In addition, battery-operated lights run without significant heat, so there is no danger of flammable items starting a fire from being too close to the lights. Plus, houses with lights in their yards are typically safer than darker houses, as would-be burglars tend to avoid better-lit houses.

So now you have some ideas of how (and why) to use your battery-operated Christmas lights throughout the year. For more information about Christmas lights for your home, contact Mobile Illumination.

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