Valentine’s Day Party and Lighting Ideas

February 11, 2019
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Although February is a short month, it’s full of fun and festive holidays. From celebrating the coming of spring with Punxsutawney Phil to honoring our founding fathers, there are lots of reasons to decorate and spread cheer this month. This week, many of you will be throwing heart-themed parties for one of our favorite holidays – Valentine’s Day! Follow our sweet tips below to make your Valentine’s Day party an unforgettably delightful event.

Sweet Treats

For all you sweet tooths out there, Valentine’s Day is like a dream. Make your party as delicious and eye-catching as Willy Wonka’s factory with some festive treats. You can never go wrong with pink and red frosting on cupcakes. Then add some sparkly or heart-shaped sprinkles to seal the deal. For a more modern twist, make your circular desserts into heart-eyed and kissy-face emojis. Cupcakes, cakes, and cookies can all be easily transformed into the language of our smartphones. Or serve up something fruity, red, and sweet with chocolate covered strawberries. Go the extra mile (just like Tip Buzz does!) by cutting your strawberries into heart-shapes and then dipping them in chocolate. With each bite, your guests will fall more in love with your party and Valentine’s Day.

Photo by Tip Buzz


From making your own Valentine’s Day decorations to adding color to your space, décor is an integral part of the holiday of love. The best part of Valentine’s Day décor is it’s affordable and easy to pull off. For instance, cut out red and pink paper hearts and sew them together into vertical strands. You’ll create hanging hearts that you can drape along walls or even a doorway for a festive entrance. Check out HGTV’s paper heart chandelier here. To glam out your door further, make a heart-shaped wreath of red and pink flowers, tissue paper, yarn, or pom poms. No matter what decorative touches you settle on, be sure to nail down a classic pink, red, and white color scheme. And if you want to get a little crazy, add some purple along the way!

Photo by HGTV


What’s the one element that can bring elegance, festivity, and memorable experiences all in one fell swoop? Yes, you guessed it, lights! Lights aren’t just for Christmas parties. Easily transform your party space with icy string lights, both outdoors and in. Add in red and pink lights to properly celebrate with all your valentines. For extra brightness and beauty, install color-changing European spheres. Beneath the red and pink glow of spheres, you and your guests will mingle, laugh, and party all night long.

Party Favors

One of the beloved traditions of Valentine’s Day is gifting sweet notes and candy to friends and families. What better way to end your party, than to give party favors that are both delicious and heartfelt? Any sort of candy or jar of sweetness will do. Just be sure to accompany it with a note of “Be Mine” or “Hugs and Kisses,” to make your friends and special someone feel extra special.

Get Ready for Spring

Another great thing about Valentine’s Day is it marks the beginning of the end of winter. Get your home’s landscape lighting and outdoor audio system ready for the arrival of spring next month. Need some help? Contact us early to get your landscape lighting and outdoor audio projects started. That way, you can start off spring the right, bright, and musical way.

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