Winter Party Ideas

January 19, 2019
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Winter can be long and cold, especially after the warmth that the holiday season brings. As the memories from your Christmas and New Year’s gatherings begin to fade, why not keep the fun going with a winter themed party in January?

There’s always so much to celebrate, whether you’re going back to school, turning another year older, or marrying the love of your life. So this month try a winter themed party that will keep the joy and festivity of the holidays well and alive in the months to come. No idea where to begin? Have no fear, we’ve broken it down into five simple categories that will knock your fuzzy winter socks right off.

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No winter party is complete without a frosty spread of good eats and delicious treats. For the savory selections, provide the typical time tested appetizers. A veggie platter with dips is always a good choice. And since the party is winter themed, label the carrots “Snowman Noses” for a festive twist. Your guests will dip their carrots (AKA “Snowman Noses”) in ranch dressing (AKA melty snow) all evening long. Complement your veggies with some charcuterie, featuring crackers, lunch meats, cheese, and fruit. And don’t forget the blueberries for some classic winter hues and seasonal flavor.

The execution of sweet treats can really make or break your winter party. Make your desserts shine with frosty colors and clever decorative touches. For instance, bake a cake and matching cupcakes with blue frosting and white, sparkly sprinkles. Then decorate sugar cookies as snowflakes, each one unique and beautiful. To really go the whole nine yards, prepare cake pops frosted in white and adorned with two black eyes, an orange nose, and a black dotted mouth. With each bite, your guests will be delighted and fall in love with winter all over again.


The perfect accessory to winter themed party food is, of course, drinks that warm your belly and whole body. Winter can be chilling to the bone, so be sure to treat your guests to some sweet, hot beverages. Caramel apple cider and peppermint hot cocoa are always popular choices among guests.

To get an added party bonus, create drinks that match your snowy white and light blue color scheme. For instance, prepare white chocolate steamers topped with blue sprinkle, and for the adults, make jack frost cocktails with blue curacao. When you present these festive drinks beside wintery desserts, your party will transform instantly into a winter wonderland.


Décor is fun, easy, and really makes a huge difference when pulling off a winter themed celebration. Try placing frosty garland on your mantle and tables for an elegant, yet festive touch. Or drape strings of white and silver snowflakes from the ceiling and place snowy pinecones in glass jars.

For the ultimate winter touch, hang blue letters above the food table that read “Let it Snow.” No matter what winter decorations you end up with, they’ll really pull together the space, heighten the experience, and impress all.


Finally, we’ve come to our favorite section – lights! As lighting experts, we really enjoy keeping our Christmas lights shining bright all year long. Icy string lights, both outdoors and in, are great not only for Christmas, but for all types of winter parties. And when you add some blue fairy lights into the mix, the party magic really begins to happen.

For added brightness and beauty in your space, European spheres, lanterns, and icicles are elegant touches. Or try LED snowflakes and stars for a more festive, fun feel. When your lighting is bright, beautiful, and complements your winter theme, your party will reach unforgettable levels.

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Party Favors

Party favors leave your guests with something to remind them of your amazing party. Keep your winter theme going with a party favor that screams the season. Here are just a few ideas off the top of our heads: snowflake wine stoppers, warm and cozy gloves, winter themed mugs, hot cocoa, candles that smell like evergreens, and the list goes on and on!

For more ideas on how to make your winter party as festive as can be, reach out to us. We are passionate about decorating, lighting, and making your celebration memorable, bright, and beautiful.

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